Klaus Dieter Kemp's Diatom Database

Please read carefully!

  • The DIATOM DATABASE is accessible via a browser (IE5.0 or above).
  • It is multi-user, capable of being deployed on an Intranet.
    This means that all your students can access the database without having to have any client software (other than the browser), and no master CD or dongle.
  • Since all the logic is built into the HTML files there is no need for a back-end Database.
  • It is platform independent.
The next page is the help page from the Database and describes all the elements and functions available.
The Database contains:-
  • Over 15,000 species images
  • Over 2,350 species descriptions
  • nearly 300 typical genus forms
  • 124 descriptions
  • from over 60 publications
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