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Microlife Services - Deposit and Locality List (by Locality)

Diatom Deposit and Locality Interest

The list below represents deposits and localities that are currently stocked. If you would like further details then please email me, klaus.kemp@talktalk.net, detailing those areas of interest.

You will see from this list that many of the samples were collected by diatomists of renown and many were also cleaned by them. You may wish to view the samples by Collector/Collection.

A strew slide from any sample is charged at 7 UK pounds plus postage and packing.
All strews subject to availability

When ordering ensure you mention the Tube No.!
Tube No.
Collector / Collection
1st Hat Creek, California U.S.A.876 B Going West from Reading
Abashiri, Japan346 RTempere  
Abbotsbury gardens, Dorset Ex BH 3049944 BB.Hartley 3049Melosira varians frustules
Aber Artro estuary, Llandanwg Wales127 RB.Hartley 1475  
Aber Artro, Llandanwg Wales013 RB.Hartley 1038 
Aberaaron, N.Wales926 BG.BrownNoctiluca
Aberaron Aquarium, Aberaron N.Wales763 RG.D.Brown 
Abergele, N.Wales Net haul060 RK.D.Kemp  
Acores Isles433 MMeakinMeakin coll
Actinocyclus barkleyi026 GR.I.F.  
Actinocyclus roperii, Culture Bristol University319 RClare Gardener 834actinocyclus
Actinocyclus sp, Culture Bristol University318 RClare GardenerActinocyclus
Actinoptychus heliopelta434 MTempereMeakin coll
Adaman Isl, Nankoori506 BJ.A.Long N57 B 
Adams Co., 100 W. of Spokane Washington237 BLatham  
Afon Dwyryd, N.Wales117 RB.Hartley 1034 
Afon Leri, Defi Estuary Wales460 RA.Wright 
African Coast956 BMann/B.Hartley12215Coscinodiscus
Aghios Nikalaos, Crete575 RS.I.Galley  
Ainsdale, N.N.R.Lancs699 RF.MonsonRhopolodia gibba, Mastogloia
Aintre145 B  
Akrotiri Bay, Cyprus484 RS.I.Galley  
Akrotiri Eanturial, Cyprus596 RC.Zaracovitis  
Albuferata Torrente, Mallorca613 RK.D.Kemp Synedra, Achnantes
Albuferatas, (Salinas)Mallorca679 RK.D.KempFine
Albuferatas, (Salinas)Mallorca680 RK.D.KempMedium
Albuferatas, (Salinas)Mallorca681 RK.D.KempCoarse
Albuferatas, (Salinas)Mallorca682 RK.D.Kemp 
Alcudia Bahia de, Mallorca161 RK.D.Kemp Melosira
Alcudia, Mallorca[2]002 RK.D.KempAchnantese brevipes
Alcudia, Mallorca Backwater549 RK.D.Kemp  
Alderney, on seaweed193 RB.Hartley 1628  
Alexandria, Egypt435 MLeonardMeakin coll
Algeria788 BB.Hartley2022  
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Z.960 RK.D.K\N.C. F175>50
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Zealand937 BK.D.Kemp 28/10/96Medium
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Z.953 RK.D.K\N.C.F175 
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Zealand936 BK.D.Kemp 28/10/95Coarse
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Zealand970 RK.D.K\N.CharlesF175 
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Z.259 BK.D.Kemp 
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Z.315 BK.D.Kemp Kittononia elaborata
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Z.374 RK.D.Kemp  
Allans farm, Oamaru N.Z.441 RK.D.Kemp ex J.Carter mat.  
Allans Farm, Oamaru N.Zealand845 BEx S.ChafferKittonia, Aulacodiscus.
Allens Farm, Oamaru N.Zealand955 BW. Güttinger 1061Poor reclean
Alyction spicules, Navigator Island968 BB.Darnton 
Ambersham Common, West Sussex059 RL.V.Martin  
Ambleside, Westmorland388 BK.D.Kemp Stream into Windermere
Ambrim Isl., New Hebrides113 B  
Ambrim Island, New Hebrides075 GJ.A.Long A1 
America551 B Coscinodiscus
America, U.S.A.575 B  
Amhurst, Nova Scotia331 B  
Amhurst, Nova Scotia562 BWest 
Amitralco Melinka, Chile245 RA.B.SmithSaltwater
Ammania Cal Guano244 B  
Ammania Cal Guano396 BEx Dr.Shultz per Dr.Latham  
Ammonocia Cal Guano510 BJ.A.Long G11F.M
Ammoundora Beach, Crete614 RS.Lamb  
Amphiprora alata, Cuckmere Haven Sussex040 GR.I.FVery good
Ananino, Russia100 BTempere 
Ananino, Russia830 BEx S.ChafferTriceratium, Aulacodiscus, Actinoptychus.
Ancrum pump, Rox.223 RJ.Carter  
Ancrum pump, Rox.224 RK.D.Kemp  
Ancrum pumps, Rox.206 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Anglesey, Wales569 BK.D.Kemp 
Anno, Newton California U.S.A.898 RR.I.Firth508Isthmia
Ano Nuevo, California U.S.A.995 R Hyalodiscus, Isthmia, good
Applecross, Rox.487 RJ.Carter 
Appletree Hall, Hawick Rox226 RJ.Carter 
Appletree Hall, Hawick Rox340 RJ.Carter  
Aquarium Flats, Bermuda205 RJ.Canne  
Arachnoidiscus japonicus, (A.ornatus)885 RR.I.Firth780Girdle bands
Arachnoidiscus ornatus, Girdle bands888 RJ.SollidayGirdle bands good
Arachnoidiscus ornatus, Santa Ana California U.S.A.777 RJ.Solliday 
Arachnoidiscus ornatus, Santa Ana California U.S.A.778 RJ.SollidayVery good
Argos Bank, Bermuda 30 fathoms198 RJ.Canne  
Argos Bank, Bermuda 30 fathoms492 RJ.Canne 
Arii Kumanoche, Minamimuroga Japan039 RK.D.KempF.F\W(Coarse)
Arii Kumanocho, Minamimurogun Japan Mic prefecture632 R Coarse
Arii Kumanocho, Minamimurogun Japan Mic prefecture633 R Fine
Arii, Kumanoche Japan045 RK.D.KempF.F\W
Arii, Minamimuroga Japan038 RK.D.KempF.F\W(Fine)
Arne, Dorset892 RR.I.Firth501Scoliopleura tumida, Diploneis didyma, Navicula marina
Atika, Japan N.Island834 BS.ChafferFine F.M. Broken Coscinodiscus
Atika, Japan321 BSteer  
Atika, Japan N.Island846 BEx S.ChafferF.M Coarse
Atlantic City, N.J U.S.A.058 B 175 feet
Atlantic City, New Jersey U.S.A.981 RR.I.Firth 
Atlantic City, U.S.A.850 RR.I.Firth43 
Atlantic City, Well 550 ft210 BF.Adams  
Atlantic Ocean576 B  
Aukland, N.Z.535 BK.D.Kemp 
Aus980 BR.I.Firth 
Australia, Fish stomach1000 RS.H. MeakinPleurosigma formosum, Good
Australian antarctic exp.804 BDR.Mann ex S.Chaffer coll.  
Avonmouth Docks, Avon179 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Avonmouth Docks, Avon180 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Avonmouth Docks, Avon463 RK.D.Kemp  
Avonmouth Docks, Avon474 RK.D.Kemp  
Avonmouth Docks, Avon781 BK.D.Kemp Coarse
Avonmouth Docks, Avon782 BK.D.Kemp Fine
Axe River, Avon521 RK.D.Kemp  
Axe River, Avon523 RK.D.Kemp  
Axebridge, Avon Water trough535 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Axebridge, Avon Water trough536 RK.D.Kemp Medium
Axebridge, Avon Water trough537 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Axebridge, Avon Water trough538 RK.D.Kemp Residue
Axmouth cliff, Creamy jelly on wall373 RB.Hartley  
Back Bay, Newport Cal. U.S.A.848 BJ.Solliday#50
Bahia213 BMr.E.Loenard  
Bai De Tampa, Oldest material149 B  
Bains Lower, Oamaru F.M. N.Z.807 BS.ChafferMix 2
Bains Lower, Oamaru N.Z.778 BL.D.CoombsCoarse
Bains Upper, N.Z.503 R  
Bains Upper, Oamaru N.Z.779 BK.D.KempFine V.Good
Bains Upper, Oamaru N.Z.780 BK.D.KempCoarse Good
Baker's Beach, San Francisco U.S.A.980 Rper R.F.B\ R.I.Firth 
Bakers Beach, San Francisco U.S.A.176 RB.Hartley Coarse, Hyalodiscus, Cocconeis pinnata
Bakers Beach, San Francisco U.S.A.177 RB.Hartley Fine
Ballyscullan, Bann Valley N.Ireland278 RB.Hartley 411Part of Toome Bridge site, Light
Ballyscullan, Bann Valley N.Ireland279 RB.Hartley 411Part of Toome Bridge site, Heavy
Barbados035 RK.D.KempF.M
Barbados169 BMr.Robinson  
Barbados181 B  
Barbados209 BMr.Robinson Heavy
Barbados218 B  
Barbados227 BPoyser 476 O.Kendall  
Barbados254 BPoyser 464 O.Kendall  
Barbados306 RThomas/S.Chaffer 
Barbados499 R  
Barbados545 B  
Barbados829 RMr.BrowningRadiolaria, use this for dry spreads, STOCK tube
Barbados938 BS.H.H/ SmallCraspedodiscus V.rare
Barbados earth337 RK.D.Kemp  
Barbados, [1]211 B F.M Rare
Barbados, [175]198 B  
Barbados, Ex BM.Nat Hist783 BNorman 
Barbados, Fine819 BEx S.ChafferV.Good
Barbados, Light818 BMr.Brown/S.ChafferContains Entogonia
Barbados?547 B  
Barcelona [1], Spain497 RX.TomasMastogloia
Barcelona [2], Spain498 RX.TomasMastogloia
Barmouth, Devon003 RK.D.Kemp 
Barraba, Barbados318 B  
Barraba, New South Wales117 BN.E.Brown 
Base of Monterey, El Jaro Creek California U.S.A.263 RS.ChafferFine
Base of Monterey, El Jaro Creek California U.S.A.264 RS.ChafferCoarse
Batabans, Cuba877 BJ.A.Long B81 AR.M
Batabans, Cuba290 B  
Batabans, CubaRoadside ditch220 B  
Batcombe Friary, Trout lake England332 RB.Hartley 1670 
Batcombe Friary, Trout lake England333 RB.Hartley 1669 
Bathwick Hill, Bath Somerset525 RK.D.Kemp  
Bats Rock, Barbados Saltwater315 RA.G.Smith 
Bay de Tampa083 B  
Bay of Plenty, N.Z.114 B F.F\W
Bay of Pryong, New Caledonia590 RDoig\Carter 
Bay Roberts, Newfoundland224 BH.C.Wheeler 
Beakes Farm, Nr.Rotorura N.Z.212 BMr.Warwick  
Beaufort, N.Carolina U.S.A.062 G S.H.Meakin (No number) Tow net
Beaulea River, Bucklers Hard Hampshire594 RB.Hartley 2096  
Beaver Reef, Barrier Reef Australia556 R  
Beddington, Main U.S.A.322 B  
Beddington, Mass U.S.A.081 B  
Beddington, Mass. U.S.A.236 B  
Beer, Devon England166 RK.D.Kemp Rhabdonema adriaticum
Beer, Devon England167 RK.D.Kemp Fine on Ulva
Beginners mixture779 RB.Hartley 
Belfast, N.Ireland304 B  
Belfast, Victoria Australia127 B  
Bellamy's Bridge739 RA.Peabody 
Belle Mare coast off, Mauritius600 RA.K.Pumessur 
Belses, Rox Scotland371 RJ.Carter  
Ben Lawess, Scotland872 RR.I.Firth668Didymosphenia geminata, Ceratoneis arcus
Bend, Oregon U.S.A.894 RR.I.Firth504 
Berlin, Kieselguhr Germany287 B  
Bermuda465 RK.D.KempCoarse
Bermuda542 RK.D.KempNavicula hennedyi
Bermuda562 RK.D.Kemp 
Bermuda854 RK.D.Kemp 
Bermuda Reef675 RK.D.Kemp 
Bermuda Reef, Bermuda676 RK.D.KempCoarse
Bermuda Reef, Bermuda677 RK.D.KempOnly H.Cl cleaned
Bermuda Rise, Deep Sea drilling project Leg 1 Station 6 West flank926 RC.A.S 43151(6) R.I.Firth253Rare, but contaminated with Sky deposit
Bermuda, [1]142 RK.D.Kemp  
Bermuda, in plastic tube774 BJ.Canne  
Bermuda, In tube232 R  
Berrow Beach, Somerset England344 R  
Berrow golf course pond, Somerset England108 RK.D.KempSynedra capitata
Berrow golf course pond/rhyne, Somerset122 RK.D.Kemp  
Berrow Golf course rhyne, Berrow Somerset England124 RK.D.Kemp  
Berrow Golf course, Somerset England082 RK.D.Kemp Small pond, Coarse
Berrow pond, Somerset776 BK.D.KempAmphipleura pellucida
Berrow road ditch, Somerset England227 RK.D.Kemp  
Berrow road ditch, Somerset England228 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Berrow Sands, Berrow Somerset547 RB.Hartley 1288  
Berrow Sands, Somerset869 RB.Hartley 1283Diploneis litoralis
Berrow, Golf course pond Somerset020 RK.D.Kemp 
Berth, Dyke near313 B  
Bets-y-coed, N.Wales087 R  
Bexhill on Sea130 RH.Gleave Stagnant puddle
Bicton Gardens, Devon England104 RK.D.Kemp 
Biddulphia aurita553 B Biddulphia aurita
Biddulphia pulchella, Santa Ana California U.S.A.772 RJ.SollidayIsthmia, Triceratium junctum, Rhabdonema
Bird Island, Seychelles695 RN.Williams 
Bissex Hill, Barbados900 BB.Hartley1983F.M
Bissex Hill, Barbados909 BJ.Solliday 
Bissex Hill, Barbados932 BB.Hartley1984/B.M 
Bissex Hills, Barbados998 BR.I.Firth240 
Black Moss, Scotland335 B  
Blagdon Lake, Somerset Sediment674 RK.D.KempSediment
Blagdon Water Gardens, Avon235 RK.D.KempTropi Cal Fish Tanks Fine, Fine
Blagdon Water Gardens, Avon Coarse236 RK.D.KempTropi Cal Fish Tanks Fine, Coarse
Blakeney Point, Norfolk074 RB.Hartley1367Passing 600
Blelham Tarn, Windermere Drainage area988 BR.I.Firth339 
Blissford, New Forest084 GR.Stevens 
Block Island, U.S.A. Great Salt Lake794 R  
Blomidow Cliffs, Bay of Fundi697 RA.C.Wheeler/S.ChafferR.M
Blythe River, Suffolk England646 RB.Hartley 2228  
Boat Lake, Weston-S-Mare Avon822 RK.D.Kemp 
Boat Lake, Weston-Super-Mare Avon293 RK.D.Kemp1st cleaning(coarse)
Boat Lake, Weston-Super-Mare Avon294 RK.D.Kemp1st cleaning(fine)
Boat Lake, Weston-Super-Mare Avon295 RK.D.Kemp2nd Cleaning(Coarse)
Boat Lake, Weston-Super-Mare Avon296 RK.D.Kemp2nd cleaning(fine)
Boat Lake, Weston-Super-Mare Avon866 RK.D.KempRhabdonema adriaticum
Bog Anoe, Aberdeenshire Scotland896 BR.I.Firth351 
Bogango, Aberdeen Scotland99R RR.I.Firth\J.R.Carter\D.P.Fuge 
Boganoe, Scotland164 B  
Boldpate pond, Georgetown Mass. U.S.A.893 RR.I.Firth454 
Boldpate Pond, Goergetown Mass. U.S.A. 137 BTempere  
Bolina Beach, San Francisco U.S.A.124 BLatham 
Bolinas Bay, Duxbury Reef California U.S.A.067 GB.Hartley 3242Isthmia nervosa >
Bolinas Bay, Duxbury Reef Cal. U.S.A.215 RB.Hartley 42 Odontella edwardsii
Bolivian Gaunao422 R  
Bonny River, W.E. Africa204 B  
Borries, Oamaru N.Z.717 BJ.A.Long O27F.M
Borth-y-gest, Wales143 RB.Hartley 1512>600
Bory, H177 Hungary 032 GB.HartleyCombination of 3 tubes
Bory, Hungary091 GCheneviereF.M.
Bory, Hungary Fos.Fior.241 BPantoscek/Doig  
Boss's pool, Bermuda134 RK.D.Kemp  
Boulogne, S/Mare139 B  
Breens Farm, Oamaru N.Z.403 RK.D.Kemp  
Breens Farm, Oamaru N.Z.742 BK.D.KempGood
Brent Knoll (Garage), East Brent Somerset551 RK.D.Kemp Surirella ovalis
Brent Knoll (Garage), East Brent Somerset563 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Brent Knoll pub rhyne, Somerset England094 RK.D.Kemp Stauroneis phoenicenteron
Brent Knoll, Somerset933 BK.D.KempNo6, N.Z., 932 R
Bristol Zoo, Avon Off waterfall036 RK.D.Kemp 
British Columbia269 BRP.  
British Honduras148 BMr.Shipp  
Britsh Columbia146 BLatham 
Brixham Harbour, Devon England452 RK.D.Kemp F\W seepage onto Beach
Brixham, Devon England564 BK.D.Kemp 
Bronx River, N.Y. U.S.A.179 B  
Bruces Rock, Dunedin N.Z.284 BM.N.W R.M
Bruces Rocks, Dunedin N.Z.076 BM.N.W.Marine
Brue River, Somerset England225 RB.Hartley 1675 
Brue River, Somerset England347 RB.Hartley 1675  
Brue River, Somerset England466 RK.D.KempNavicula oblonga, Caloneis amphisboena, Anamoneis sphaerophora, Cymatopleura librile
Bryher, Scilly Isles520 RB.Hartley 1886A Fragillaria
Bryher, Scilly Isles England376 RB.Hartley 1574  
Buccaneer Bay, Antigua394 RM.Carrat 
Buccaneer Bay, Antigua603 RM.Carrot 
Bucklands, Rox Scotland377 RJ.Carter4005 
Budleigh Salterton, Devon041 RK.D.Kemp 
Budleigh Salterton, Devon050 RK.D.KempBy riverbank, Achnanthese
Buffels Bay, False Bay S.Africa308 BE.D.Steer 
Burma, From Oysters101 BBilborough 
Burma, Off Seaweed018 B  
Burnfoot Ale, Rox419 RJ.CarterDidymosphenia geminata
Burnham on Sea, Somerset England011 RK.D.KempFine
Burnham on Sea, Somerset England053 RK.D.KempPleurosigma angulatum, Pleurosigma aesturii
Burnham on sea, Somerset England137 RK.D.Kemp Ditch by River
Burrington Coombe, Avon England483 RS.Kemp  
Burtle ditch, Somerset England336 RB.Hartley 1672[2]
Burton Pond, West Sussex081 GB.Hartley 56 
Burton pond, Petworth W.Sussex026 RB.Hartley 
Burton pond, W.Sussex England145 RB.Hartley 1405 >600
Burton pond, W.Sussex England339 RB.Hartley 1444 >600
Cala De Sa Font, Mallorca246 RK.D.KempFine
Cala De Sa Font, Mallorca247 RK.D.KempCoarse
Cala Ratjada, Mallorca[1]018 RK.D.Kemp 
Cala San Vicente, Mallorca338 RK.D.Kemp F\W Stream
Cala San Vicente, Mallorca572 RK.D.Kemp  
Cala San Vicente, Mallorca Nieu Beach132 RK.D.Kemp  
Cala San Vicente, Mallorca Nieu Beach573 RK.D.Kemp  
Cala San Vicente, Mallorca Water well504 RK.D.Kemp 
California, U.S.A.209 RB.Hartley 1610Arachnoidiscus ornatus
California, Gulf of U.S.A.158 R  
Calistoga, California U.S.A.099 BDoeg 
Callama, Chile005 B 1415 ft
Callamsetta, Italy174 BF.Adams 
Callar168 BE.Leonard 
Callid harbour, Peru SS.Cornegia #437196 B  
Calvert Co, Loc 5 Maryland U.S.A.048 GBrit.Museum/R.I.F. 
Calvert Co, Plum Point Loc 357 Maryland U.S.A.049 GBrit.Museum/R.I.F.Coarse
Calvert Co, Loc 292 Maryland U.S.A.047 GBrit.Museum/R.I.F. 
Calvert Co, Plum Point Loc 358 Maryland U.S.A.046 GBrit.Museum/R.I.F 
Calvert Co., Maryland U.S.A.738 B  
Calvert County, Maryland U.S.A.277 RB.Hartley 
Cambridge, Barbados184 BB.Hartley 1979 S.ChafferRadiolaria
Cambridge, Barbados540 B  
Cambridge, Barbados541 BK.D.Kemp 
Cambridge, Barbados542 BK.D.KempCleaned by K.D.K
Canada010 B  
Cannes, France910 RR.I.Firth/J.A.LongC54 
Cape Argulas, S.Africa874 RR.I.Firth761Climacosphenia, Arachnoidiscus, Biddulphia, Christmas
Cape L'Algulhas, Coll. E.J.Steer South Africa016 GR.I.Firth 287Arachnoidiscus, Climacosphenia
Cape May, New Jersey U.S.A.961 RK.D.KempNavicula delognei, Sytnedra, Achnanthese
Cape of Good Hope, Inshore gathering903 RR.I.Firth22 Q.M.C 
Cape of Good Hope, Inshore gathering985 BR.I.Firth122 
Carlova, Russia325 RB.Hartley 
Carlova, Russia855 RJ.SollidayGood Triceratium
Carlova, Russia Heavy with sand326 RB.Hartley 
Carlova, USSR862 RMeakinGood Triceratium
Carmel Bay, California U.S.A.050 GR.I.F. 
Carsaig, Mull Scotland114 RK.D.Kemp R.M
Castel, Hungary023 GA.L.Brigger/R.I.F.Heavy
Castel, Hungary024 GA.L.Brigger/R.I.F. Light
Castel, Hungary974 R  
Castel Del Piano, Italy086 RF.Adams 
Castel Del Piano, Italy094 B  
Castel Del Piano, Italy178 B  
Castel del Piano, Italy760 B  
Castel M. Szurdock, Hungary716 B F.M
Castel M. Szurdok, Puspoke Hungary509 BJ.A.Long H36F.M
Castel, Hungary057 B  
Castel, Hungary080 GJ.A.Long H176 
Castel, Hungary186 B  
Castel, Hungary283 RS.Chaffer 
Castel, Hungary284 RS.Chaffer 
Castel, Hungary Szurdokpuspoki515 BJ.Solliday 
Castle Harbour, Bermuda192 RK.D.Kemp  
Castle Harbour, Bermuda393 R  
Castle Harbour, Bermuda435 RK.D.Kemp 
Castle Harbour, Bermuda436 RK.D.KempFine
Castle Harbour, Bermuda Dredgings305 RS.ChafferPoor
Castro, Island off Chile817 B S.ChafferAulacosira, Stephanodiscus
Cataelis Dome, Cyprus913 RR.I.Firth2415 
Cavers, Rox.583 RJ.Carter 
Cedar Keys, Florida U.S.A.252 RA.G.SmithR.Br
Celebes, Coast of On mangrove roots285 RS.Chaffer Fine 
Celebes, Coast of On mangrove roots286 RS.Chaffer Medium 
Celebes, Coast of On mangrove roots287 RS.Chaffer Coarse 
Celebes, Coast of On Mangrove roots323 RS.ChafferFine
Chalk Cliff, Barbados333 B  
Challenger, Station 157 Southern Ocean403 B  
Chard, High Street Somerset116 RB.Hartley 1136 
Charlwood947 RR.I.Firth 234Eunotia pectinalis var. ventralis
Charlwood, Roadside ditch Surrey021 GR.I.Firth 233 
Charlwood, Surrey002 YB.Hartley 12236 Pure Surirella
Charlwood, Surrey020 GR.I.Firth 236S.ovalis var. maxima pure
Cheddar Village, Somerset Upper Lake288 RB.HarleyMeridion circulare
Chelmult, Oregon U.S.A.011 GR.I.Firth 110Ex Francis T. Jones
Chelmut, Oregon U.S.A.852 RR.I.Firth 2107a 
Chemult, Oregon U.S.A.976 BR.I.Firth107 
Cherryfield, Maine U.S.A.858 BB.Hartley2354 
Cherryfield, Maine U.S.A.044 GR.I.F 
Cherryfield, Chalk Pond U.S.A.039 BMeakin 
Cherryfield, Maine U.S.A.066 GB.Hartley 2354 
Cherryfield, Maine U.S.A.825 RB.Hartley 2704Stauroneis, Pinnularia
Cherryfield, Maine U.S.A.431 RB.Hartley 1721  
Chesapeak Beach, California394 BDr.Latham 
Chesapeak Beach, Maryland U.S.A.054 B Loc.360
Chesapeak Beach, Road from U.S.A.584 BJ.A.Long 
Chesapeak Beach, Road from U.S.A.595 BJ.A.Long 
Chesapeak Beach, Road from U.S.A.607 BJ.A.Long 
Chessil Beach, Portland Dorset269 RK.D.Kemp 
Chessil Beach, The Fleet Moonfleet Dorset518 RK.D.Kemp On Zoostera
Chessil Beach, The Fleet Moonfleet Dorset519 RK.D.Kemp Medium
Chessil Beach, The Fleet Dorset507 RK.D.Kemp On Zoostera, Coarse
Chessil Beach, The Fleet Dorset508 RK.D.Kemp On Zoostera
Chessil Beach, The Fleet Dorset512 RK.D.Kemp On Zoostera
Chessil Beach, The Fleet Dorset516 RK.D.Kemp  
Chessil Beach, Wyke Regis Dorset546 RK.D.Kemp  
Chicago792 RLatherNavicula
Chile, Toco South America785 RJ.A.Long C33 
Chiloe Isl., Chile489 RFuge C7 
Chiloquean Mountains, Chelmut Oregon857 BR.I.Firth 
Chiloquia, Chelmut Oregon U.S.A.849 RR.Firth2161 
Chiloquian, Chelmut Oregon246 BR.I.Firth 
China fish161 B  
Chinamans gardens, Nr. Wellington Mirimar N.Z.089 B  
Ching Wang Foo, Harbour China063 RMr.Widdows [1928
Choma, N.W. Rhodesia120 BN.E.Brown 
Christianstad, Sweden886 RR.I.Firth714Campylodiscus, Anamoneis, Very like Soos, Very like Soos
Christianstadt, Sweden140 BChenev 
Claremont, Florida U.S.A.038 BLatham 
Claremont, Florida U.S.A.297 REx.S.ChafferNeidium iridis, Coarse
Claremont, Florida U.S.A.298 RS.ChafferFine
Claremont, Florida U.S.A.299 RS.ChafferMedium
Clent Hill, Worcestershire Private lake237 RB.Hartley 280Surirella capronii
Clent Hills, Nr. Staurbridge873 RR.I.Firth725Surirella capronii
Clent, Worcs802 RR.I.Firth71 H.S.Job.
Clevedon pool, Avon019 RK.D.Kemp 
Clevedon Pool, Avon046 RK.D.Kemp 
Clevedon Pool, Avon047 RK.D.Kemp 
Clevedon pool, Avon048 RK.D.KempNavicula
Clevedon pool, Avon049 RK.D.KempMelosira
Clevedon Pool, Avon110 RK.D.Kemp 
Cleveland, Barbados093 BSwatman 
Cleveland, Barbados216 B  
Cley next the sea, N.Norfolk East bank635 RB.Hartley 2230 
Cley next the sea, N.Norfolk East bank664 RB.Hartley 2135  
Climacosphenia moniligera, Mallorca?858 RK.D.KempGood for xmas tree
Coates Reef, Barrier Reef Australia689 RR.J.HeathmanLat17o12S Long146o22'E
Cocconeis pediculis523 B Cocconeis pediculis
Cocconeis scutellum525 B Cocconeis scutellum
Cockshute stream, Lewes Sussex391 BR.I.Firth  
Cockshute stream, Lewes Sussex871 RR.I.Firth559Synedra ulna
Colchester, Ipswich Saltmarsh453 RB.Hartley 1752>600
College Hill, Barbados719 BTempere 
Collive de Soddo, Abyssynia712 BJ.A.Long S45F.F\W
Colorado, U.S.A.307 RS.Chaffer 
Coly River, Creek leading to Devon334 RB.Hartley 1681  
Coly River, Creek leading to Devon335 RB.Hartley 1682  
Congo293 B  
Congo300 RLeanord/ChafferEx S.Chaffer
Congo, CC10Ex QMC978 BR.I.Firth133 
Congo, CCIO805 RR.I.Firth133 
Conset Bay206 B  
Conset, Barbados128 BMeakin 
Constantinople, (Istanbul)Turkey036 GT&P 1000 no 987 
Constantinople, Soundings604 BTemper  
Cooden sands007 RB.Hartley 1166Synedra closterioides
Cormacks sidings, Oamaru N.Z.750 B  
Cormacks sidings, Oamaru N.Zealand221 R F.M Stephanopyxis Gonothecium
Cormacks, Oamaru N.Z.252 B  
Cormacks, Oamaru N.Z.303 BK.D.KempStephanopyxis grunowii
Cormacks, Oamaru N.Z.748 B Coarse
Cormacks, Oamaru N.Z.749 BDaniels No1  
Cormacks, Oamaru N.Z.836 BB.Hartley2029 
Coxey Pond, Epiphytes on BatrachospermumMinnesota U.S.A. 072 GDr. John Kingston 
Coyote springs, Mono Co. Cal U.S.A.015 RCas Loc.40219Pliocene
Craig Nur, Mull Scotland772 BK.D.Kemp 
Cramers Dock, Michigan U.S.A.240 BLatham 
Crane Pond, Mass. U.S.A.994 BR.I.Firth496 
Croom, Maryland U.S.A.027 B -400
Croom, Maryland U.S.A.163 BJ.A.Long M85 
Croom, Maryland U.S.A.606 BJ.A.Long M85 
Croom, Maryland U.S.A.660 BJ.A.Long M81C 
Croom, Maryland U.S.A.713 BJ.A.Long M85CF.M [300]
Cuba549 B  
Cuba, Habana Mangrove Swamp337 BJ.L.L. 
Cuckmere Haven, Sussex370 R Pleurosigma angulatum
Cul-De-Sac Bay, St.Lucia W.Indies398 RM.Carrat 
Cuxhaven728 BF.Adams 
Cuxhaven, Holland399 RE.LeonardPoor
D.S.P., Hole 214Core 38 section 3 100-102 cm811 BGambaE.Paleocene, Diatom Ooze
Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire057 RK.D.KempAchnanthese
Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire249 RA.WrightSaltmarsh/sand
Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire250 RA.WrightSatmarsh/channels
Dale fort, Pembrokeshire Wales365 RK.D.Kemp  
Dale fort, Pembroke Wales091 RK.D.Kemp Achnanthese
Dale fort, Pembroke Wales092 RK.D.Kemp Synedra
Dalmatia, Coast of Australia133 BTempere 
Dan Shui at, Tsin Shu Lin County of Taipai718 RT.B.B.PaddockTaiwan 1
Dan Shui at, Tsin Shu Lin County of Taipai719 RT.B.B.PaddockTaiwan 3
Dan Shui at, Tsin Shu Lin County of Taipai727 RT.B.B.PaddockTaiwan 1
Dan Shui at, Tsin Shu Lin County of Taipai728 RT.B.B.PaddockTaiwan 3
Dan Shui at, Tsin Shu Lin County of Taipai732 RT.B.B.Paddock Taiwan 2
Dan Shui at, Tsin Shu Lin County of Taipai733 RT.B.B.PaddockTaiwan 4
Daniels, Oamaru N.Zealand949 BK.D.K\N.Charles 
Daniels Cormacks Oamaru, Oamaru >50 N.Zealand962 RK.D.Kemp\N.CharlesF178 
Daniels Cormacks, Oamaru >20 N.Zealand963 RK.D.Kemp\N.CharlesF178 
Daniels Cormacks, Oamaru N.Z.954 RK.D.K\N.CharlesF178 
Dart River, Stoke GabrielDevon440 BK.D.Kemp  
Dartmoor, DevonshireSphagnum squeeze876 RR.I.Firth752 
Dartmoor, Nr WidecombeDevon097 RB.Hartley1351 > 600
Dartmoor, Nr WidecombeDevon098 RB.Hartley1351 < 600
Dartmoor, Nr WidecombeDevon099 RB.Hartley1352 >600 on sphagnum
Dartmoor, Nr WidecombeDevon109 RB.Hartley 1352> 600
Dava Moor, Shetland003 GR.I.Firth397\J.R. CarterPinnularia britannica
Daya, MallorcaWet footpath621 RK.D.Kemp  
De Kamischev, Russia309 B  
De Redondo, California U.S.A.319 B Very good
Dee estuary, Station 32767 BK.D.Kemp  
Deep Sea Dredging, Off Orange River S.W. Africa274 R Coarse, Actinocyclus
Deep Sea Dredging, Off Orange River S.W. Africa275 R Fine
Del Dessa, Utah 150m s.of Salt Lake800 RR.I.Firth92 
Delaford Bog (Bay?), Cape TownS. Africa078 G(BM) 
Delagoa Bay, Africa982 BR.I.Firth148 
Delagoa Bay, S.Africa266 BE.J.Steer Prawns stomach
Delagoa Bay, S.Africa798 RR.I.Firth149 
Delamere forest, Lancs568 BK.D.Kemp Stauroneis anceps
Demerara River046 BTempere 
Depot Quantermaria, Du Pontiex Puy du Dome230 BH.C.Wheeler 
Dervaig, Mull Scotland768 BK.D.Kemp 
Dervaig, Mull Scotland769 BK.D.Kemp  
Des Shutes River, Oregon U.S.A.931 BJames Solliday 
Devon385 R N.subtilis
Diatoma hiemale var, mesodon519 B Diatoma hiemale var mesodon
Didymosphenia geminata, Ribble Head?832 RJ.Carter? 4290Good
Dilesi, Greece464 RC.Zaracovitis  
Discovery574 B  
Discovery771 B  
Discovery, Dredgings798 B <600
Discovery, Station 169762 B  
Division Hill, Oamaru (Bottom Deposit N.Z.756 B  
Division Hill, Oamaru N.Z.757 B  
Division Hill, Oamaru N.Z.758 B Good
Dolgellau, N.Wales103 RB.Hartley1370 
Douala, Cameroon Tropi Cal stream975 BR.I.Firth570Neidium agonoense Foged
Doxford pond746 RA.Peabody 
Drakesville, New Jersey U.S.A.032 RB.Hartley 1050Light
Dredgings, Off S. Africa135 B  
Drios, Poros Greece582 RC.Zaracovitis 
Drios, Poros Greece665 RC.Zaracovitis Coarse
Drios, Poros Greece666 RC.Zaracovitis Coarse
Dunkirk, Maryland U.S.A. 200-300984 RR.I.Firth 
Dunkirk, France373 BJ.A.Long D4R.M
Dunkirk, Maryland U.S.A.688 BJ.SollidayF.M
Dunkirk, Maryland U.S.A.880 RB.Hartley981Actinoptychus heliopelta
Dunkirk, Maryland U.S.A.282 B Sceptroneis caducea
Dunkirk, Patuxent Maryland033 BChenev 
Dunkirk, Patuxent Maryland U.S.A.326 B Actinoptychus heliopelta
Dunnet Head, Scotland010 GR.I.Firth 398 
Durban Bay, Natal171 R From Seaweed
Durban Beach, Natal040 BE.J.Steer 
East Africa730BWatson 
East Brent, Rhyne Somerset342 RK.D.Kemp Synedra ulna
East Brent, Rhyne Somerset421 RK.D.Kemp  
East Brent, Rhyne Somerset661 RK.D.Kemp  
East Brent, Somerset918 BK.D.KempCymatopleura elliptica
East Brent, Somerset Footpath puddle006 RK.D.KempPinnularia brebissonia in footpath puddle
East Brent, Somerset Rhyne037 RK.D.Kemp 
East Brent, Somerset Small puddle617 RK.D.Kemp  
East London, South Africa022 GR.I.Firth 239 
Easter Island194 BJ.L.Palmer From sponge
Easter Island, S.Pacific191 BJ.L.PalmerFrom a sponge
Eck Muhl, Oran 943 BTempere 
Econ River, Florida U.S.A.111 BBarth 
Econlochatcha River, Florida U.S.A.985 RR.I.Firth/WR.F\W
Eden, Aukland N.Z.025 B  
Eek River, Missouri U.S.A.193 BNoel  
Effingham058 GJ. FieldFine
Effingham, Brit Colombia063 GJ.Field Jnr 
El Golfo Beach, Lanzerote233 RF.NicholsonFine, Orthoneis splendida
El Golfo Beach, Lanzerote234 RF.NicholsonCoarse, Orthoneis splendida
Elche de la Roche, Spain514 RDe Lacey 
Elche de la Sierra, Spain775 BDe Lacey  
Elche de la Sierra, Spain786 BDe Lacey  
Elephant Isl, British Antarctic Survey Antarctica524 R Depth 40m
Elephant Isl, British Antarctic Survey Antarctica543 R  
Elephant Isl, British Antarctic Survey Antarctica544 R  
Elephant Point, Antarctic218 R  
Elge, Kenya151 R White Diatomite
Ellrick Pen, Stream839 RF.I.Firth2029Diatomella balfouriana
Ely's flats, Bermuda442 RJ.Canne 
Ely's Flats, Bermuda678 RJ.E.Canne1.5 Miles out and 20 ft deep
Ely's flats, Bermuda Residue443 RJ.Canne 
Ely's harbour, Bermuda456 RK.D.Kemp 
Ely's harbour, Bermuda501 RK.D.KempFine
Ely's harbour, Bermuda616 RJ.CanneGrowing on insider of a bucket
Ely's harbour, Bermuda617 BJ.Canne 
Ely's harbour, Bermuda Residue494 RK.D.KempPoor
Ely's harbour, Buoy Bermuda187 RK.D.Kemp  
Ely's harbour, Shallows Bermuda195 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Ely's harbour, Shallows Bermuda196 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Erraid, Sound of Mull Scotland770 BK.D.Kemp  
Es Cana harbour, Ibiza406 RK.D.Kemp  
Es Cana harbour, Ibiza423 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Es Cana harbour, Ibiza424 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Es Cana harbour, Ibiza Anchor ropes440 RK.D.Kemp  
Es Cana harbour, Ibiza On Seaweed417 RK.D.Kemp  
Esmeralda formation, Nevada #51 U.S.A.803 B Fossil
Essex, Massach. U.S.A.032 BTempere 
Eunotia pectinalis035 GM.Samworth  
Everglades, Florida U.S.A.267 RP.TuckerBrackish
Everglades, Florida U.S.A.268 RP.TuckerBrackish
Evesham Abbey, Evesham119 B  
Exmouth, Devon348 RK.D.Kemp Sand drainage
Fairyland Creek, Bermuda188 RK.D.Kemp  
Faliraki, Rhodes Greece526 RC.Zaracovitis  
Faliraki, Rhodes Greece527 RC.Zaracovitis  
False Bay064 R  
False Bay, S.Africa700 RH.GleaveR.M
False Bay, S.Africa807 RE.J.Steer/R.I.Firth 17 
Faro Harbour749 R Coarse
Faro Harbour755 R Fine
Fellbury, Scrapings from088 B  
Fellbury, Scrapings from 15 Miles off Key West311 B  
Ferry Reach, Bermuda199 RJ.CanneOff Eel Grass
Ferry Reach, Bermuda St Goerges439 RJ.CanneOn Mangroves
Fig Tree Bay, Cyprus757 RE.Urqart 
Fiji, [3]159 RS.Chaffer  
Firth of Forth, Edinburgh Scotland441 BK.D.Kemp  
Fishbourne, Mill pond896 RR.I.Firth525 
Fitzgerald Lake, Canada996 BR.I.Firth322\Wards 
Flawes Creek, East Oamaru N.Z.761 B Good
Florence, Italy729 BWest 
Florida, U.S.A.052 GS.H. MeakinEunotia pectinalis pure
Florida, Rock springs U.S.A.384 BJ.A.Long F25 A Terpsinoe musica
Florida, U.S.A.899 BR.I.Firth516 
Florida, U.S.A.901 BR.I.Firth517 
Flushing, Holland038 GTempere/R.I.F. 
Fogland, West Shore160 B  
Formignamo, Italy684 BJ.A.Long F12Coscinodiscus small F.M.
Fornilutz, Mallorca615 RK.D.Kemp F/W Stream
Fornilutz, Mallorca Stream270 RK.D.KempCocconeis/Melosira
Forresters, Oamaru N.Z.272 BK.D.KempCleaned K.D.K 7/61, Poor
Forresters, Oamaru N.Z.536 BK.D.Kemp 
Forresters, Oamaru N.Z.388 R N0 90
Foryd Bay, Gwynned Wales607 R  
Fossil freshwater, Location ? Possibly U.S.A.090 GFerguson 
Franzen Bad, Austria895 RR.I.Firth475Campylodiscus, Anamoneis
French's pond, Albany Maine U.S.A. 096 BWilliams 
Frigate Bay, St.Kitts396 RM.Carrat 
Frigel Castel, Berwickshire Wall scraping784 RJ.Carter 
Frustulia rhomboides619 BJ.A.Long N9R.F\W
Fuente Bermudez, Jaen Spain974 BR.I.Firth137 
Fuente, Be-Mittdeyan Spain812 RR.I.Firth 2137 
Funifuti, Tuvalu Ellice Islands868 R R.Br
Fur, Jutland042 BWest 
Fyve, Aberdeen Scotland268 B  
George, Russia715 BJ.SollidayF.F\W
Germany, Diatomite327 R S.Chaffer 
Germany, Salt marsh647 RS.Chaffer 
Germany, Salt pans648 RS.Chaffer 
Giffen 165637 R  
Giffen 169638 R  
Giffen 203639 R  
Giffen 205640 R  
Giffen 372641 R  
Giffen 526643 R  
Giffen 636644 R  
Giffen 639645 R  
Giffen483642 R  
Glossop, Cheshire404 BK.D.KempSeepage on wall
Glossop, Nr.Viaduct Lancs386 BK.D.Kemp R.F\W
Glover's Wood, Charlwood Surrey AGG4019 GR.I.Firth238\Coll. A.G.GreenfieldNitzschia tryblionella
Glovers Wood999 BR.I.Firth228 
Golden Bay, Cyprus750 RE.Urqart 
Golden Gardens Beach, Seatle U.S.A.079 G Arachnoidiscus ehrenbergii pure
Golf Juan, France511 BJ.A.Long G19R.M
Gonfirth, Shetland998 RR.I.Firth392\J.R.CarterPinnularia bogotensis & var undulata not yet described
Gorgonia spicules966 BB.DarntonMixed colours
Gorpley, Bungalow springs014 RJ.Carter 117 
Goshen Alps, Switzerland102 BTempere  
Goshen Alps, Switzerland363 BJ.A.Long G21R.F\W
Goyt Valley387 B Frustulia rhomboides
Goyt Valley, Lancs537 BK.D.Kemp  
Grand Turks&Caicos651 RRegas Santas 2W6C1 
Grand Turks&Caicos652 RRegas Santas 2W6M1 
Grand Turks&Caicos653 RRegas Santas 2W6H3 
Grand Turks&Caicos654 RRegas Santas 2W6P3 
Grand Union Canal, Uxbridge Towpath024 RK.D.Kemp 
Grange over Sands147 RK.D.Kemp Moss Squeeze
Grange over Sands451 RB.Hartley 1770 
Grange over Sands455 RB.Hartley 1769 
Grant, New York U.S.A.082 B  
Grant, New York U.S.A.494 BJ.A.Long N61 
Grant, New York U.S.A. F.F\W986 BR.I.Firth347 
Great Barrier Reef, Australia158 B  
Great Salt pond, Rhode Island From rocks317 RH.C.WheelerSurirella striatula, Pleurosigma elongatum, Nitzschia s Calaris
Great sound, Bermuda Plankton133 RJ.Canne  
Great sound, Bermuda Plankton haul181 RJ.Canne  
Greenaway Beach, Damar Bay Cornwall087 GK.D.KempStream & High tide interface
Grizebeck, Westmorland743 BK.D.KempStauroneis phoenicenteron
Grotto Girgente, Sicily067 B[926] 
Grotto Girgente, Sicily288 B? G27 
Grotto Girgente, Sicily512 BJ.A.Long G5F.M
Guano, Location?865 RS.ChafferCleaned by K.D.K 29/12/93
Gulf of Mexico, Recent marine?708 BJ.A.Long M35Coscinodiscus.
Gulf of Naples345 BJ.A.Long N41R.M
Gulf of Naples453 BJ.A.Long N40R.M
Gulf of Volo, Greece425 R  
Gunnamta Bay, Australia907 RR.I.Firth 
Gunnamutta Bay, Recent Marine Australia972 BR.I.Firth22 
Gyrosigma balticum522 B Gyrosigma balticum
Haijad, (MT6b)(14a)782 R  
Hakodate, Japan005 YS.H.Meakin 999 
Hakodate, Japan304 RS.Chaffer 
Hakodate, Japan831 BB.Hartley2016Pinnunavis elegans, Nitzschia sigmoidea, Caloneis amphisboena
Hakodate, Japan No1261 BWest  
Hakodati, Japan[2]734 B  
Halbrook, Arizona U.S.A.914 BJ.Solliday 
Haliotis washings, California U.S.A.346 BJ.A.Long H3R.M
Haliotis washings, California U.S.A.366 BJ.A.Long H2R.M
Halk Bay, C.Colony710 BJ.A.Long H1Climacosphenia, R.M
Harlech Castle, Wales055 RK.D.Kemp 
Harrington Sound, Bermuda200 RO.Rogers Coarse
Harrington Sound, Bermuda201 RO.Rogers Fine
Harrington Sound, Bermuda400 RO.Rogers Coarse
Harrington Sound, Bermuda Sediment389 RO.Rogers  
Hatfield College, Boat house744 RA.Peabody 
Havre de Bronage765 RA.PeabodyCoarse
Havre, France362 BJ.A.Long H25Hantzschia marina, R.M
Hawai906 RR.I.Firth15R.M
Hawaii 10710 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 12722 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 15707 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 15715 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 17717 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 2702 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 5705 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 8708 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii 9709 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Hawaii, Pauwella356 BJ.A.Long H4 AAulacodiscus orientalis
Hawaii, Pauwelli709 BJ.A.Long H4BR.M
Haywood Bay, Speightown Barbados [1]773 R Fine
Haywood Bay, Speightown Barbados [1]774 R Coarse
Haywood Bay, Speightown Barbados [2]775 R  
Haywood Bay, Speightown Barbados [2]776 R Sample 2
Hell's Kettle, Croft Durham Yorks065 RK.D.Kemp 
Hell's Kettle, Croft Durham Yorks066 RK.D.Kemp 
Hell's Kettle, Croft Durham Yorks067 RK.D.Kemp 
Hell's Kettles, Croft Darlington958 BB.Hartley1246 
Hell's Kettles, Croft N.Yorkshire068 RK.D.KempAmphipleura pellucida
Hells Kettle's, Darlington Yorks556 B  
Herendeen Bay, Alaska fineCape Cross968 R 
Herkimer, New York U.S.A.533 BLatham 
Herkimer, New York U.S.A.357 BJ.A.Long H12F.F\W
Hermondwike, Clark's Hill017 B  
Heron Bay, Bermuda184 RK.D.Kemp  
Herrendeen Bay, Alaska991 RJohn Field JnrCoarse
Hert Zwin, Holland598 RB.Hartley 2138Actinocyclus roperii
Hicklin Broad276 RS.Chaffer 
High Hill, Rhode Island U.S.A.042 GR.I.F. 
High Street, Los Angeles U.S.A. 008 B  
Hog Harbour, New Hebrides349 BJ.A.Long H35Heavy, R.M
Holland461 BJ.A.Long H14F\W poor, Aulacosira, Stephanodiscus
Holland495 RP.HauptNavicula delognei
Holothuria plates960 BB.Darnton 
Holothurian plates967 BB.Darnton 
Holywell pond, S.Lincs382 BJ.A.Long H23R.F\W
Home Pierce Co229 BKendall R.M
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay U.S.A.752 RR.TurrellV.Fine
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay U.S.A.753 RR.TurrellFine
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay U.S.A.754 RR.TurrellCoarse
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay Florida U.S.A.239 RR.Turrell 
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay Florida U.S.A.240 RR.TurrellFine
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay Florida U.S.A.242 RR.Turrell 
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay Florida U.S.A.243 RR.TurrellCoarse
Honeymoon Island, Tampa Bay Florida U.S.A.244 RR.TurrellCoarse
Hong Kong454 R  
Hong Kong457 R  
Hong Kong Harbour, Hong Kong062 RM.Chiu  
Hong Kong Harbour, Hong Kong765 BM.Chiu 
Hong Kong Harbour, Hong Kong766 BM.ChiuEupodiscus commutatus
Hong Kong Harbour, PlanktonHong Kong940 BM.Chiu 
Hoofplaat, E.of Breskens WesterscheldtHolland901 R00/03/93, Triceratium favus, Actinptychus vulgaris, Aulacodiscus argus.
Hoofplaat, E.of Breskens WesterscheldtHolland902 R00/03/93, Triceratium favus, Actinptychus vulgaris, Aulacodiscus argus.
Hopkinton, New Hampshire U.S.A.289 RS.Chaffer 
Howroyd Clough101 RB.Hartley59>600
Howroyd Clough102 RB.Hartley59<600
Howroyd Clough, Yorks118 RB.Hartley 60  
Howroyd Clough, Yorks119 RB.Hartley 113  
Howroyd Clough, Yorks Brown film on wet rocks120 RB.Hartley 112  
Hudson river, New York U.S.A.741 B  
Hungary711 BJ.A.Long H36? 
Hutzel, Saxony305 B  
Hutzel, Saxony365 BJ.A.Long H18F.F\W
Ibiza496 R  
Icheboe Guano470 BJ.A.Long I2F.M
Ifield Mill, Surrey997 BR.I.F628\A.G.GreenfieldCymbella prostrata
Ignatievo, Bulgaria F.M984 BN.CharlesF259\G.Whitte 
Inaccessible Islands, 150 cms214 RJ.Carter Cyclotella striata
Indian Ocean, 3115 Metres912 RR.I.Firth 
Indian Ocean, Ex V.P135+400TW-86-05D Eocene539 R  
Indian Ocean, VP-135+40010o25S 63o15E925 B Depth 3163M Eocene
Ingram Island, Barrier Reef Australia580 RE.Shelton 
Ingram Island, Barrier Reef Australia588 RE.Shelton 
Inza, Russia840 BB.Hartley2014Triceratium
Inza, Russia809 RR.I.Firth35 
Inza, RussiaF.M873 BB.Hartley 2590F.M
Isenski, Russia172 B  
Isenski, Russia[1]074 B  
Isenski, Russia[1]800 B F.M
Isenski, Russia[2]276 B  
Isenski, Russia F.M.815 B S.ChafferTriceratium nobilis
Isthmia nervosa771 RJ.Solliday 
Isthmia nervosa, Califonia U.S.A.527 BBarth 
Italy239 B  
Izsopallago Serges, Hungary463 BJ.A.Long I4F.M
Jacksons Paddock, Oamaru N.Z.813 BMr.Warwick 
Jacksons Paddock, Oamaru N.Z.816 BMr.Warwick/S.ChafferAnthodiscus floreatus, Biddulphia, Auliscus
Jacksons Paddock, Oamaru N.Z.837 BB.Hartley2024 
Jacksons Paddock, Oamaru N.Zealand109 BChenev 
Jacksons Paddock, Oamaru N.Zealand869 BJ.Solliday 
Jacksons Paddock, Oamaru N.Zealand930 BEx Watson Museum JarNear Base
Jacksons, Oamaru N.Z.959 RK.D.K\N.C.F248100 Ft. North of
Jaen, Spain472 BJ.A.Long J3F.m
Jaffina, Ceylon673 RS.Chaffer 
Japan No4752 BDr. Makamura 
Japan No4867 BDr. Makamura 
Japan, [2]Coarse820 BDr. MakamuraCymbella, Aulacosira, Diploneis
Japan, [2]Fine821 BDr. MakamuraDiploneis, Aulacosira
Japan, [3]442 BDr. Makamura 
Japan, [4]Ex. S. Chaffer.844 BDr. MakamuraStephanodiscus niagaraea
Java030 BSwatman AY12 
Java118 BA.P.4 
Java156 BDr. Reinholz 
Java369 BJ.A.Long J8R.M
Java377 BJ.A.Long J8R.M
Java378 BJ.A.Long J8R.M
Java639 B  
Java679 B R.M
Java, AP.1375 BJ.A.Long J8F.M
Java, Radiolaria832 BB.Hartley2018 
Jeremie, Hayti898 BB.M.N.HF.M
Jewel, Maryland U.S.A.085 GJ.F.B. 
Jewel, Maryland368 BJ.A.Long M80 D 
Jewel, Maryland430 RB.Hartley 1733  
Jewel, Maryland U.S.A.652 B  
Jewel, Maryland U.S.A.718 BJ.A.Long M80B[150]
Jewel, Maryland U.S.A.283 BJ.A.Long M80 C[200]
Jewel, Maryland U.S.A.376 BJ.A.Long M80 F  
Joes River, Barbados897 BB.Hartley 1981F.M
Joe's River, Barbados021 B  
Joe's River, Barbados172 R  
Joe's River, Barbados173 R  
Joe's River, Barbados805 BS.Chaffer Cleaned K.D.K 10/1/89
Joe's River, Barbados879 BR.I.Firth 
Joe's River, Barbados Roadside863 BF.Adams 
Joes River, Barbados Roadside862 BAdamsFine
Joes River, Barbados Roadside870 BAdams 
Jonesport, Maine U.S.A.041 BTempere 
Jonesport, Maine U.S.A.654 BJ.A.Long J4F.F\W
Juncacea, Alaska R.M880 BEx WeissR.M
Juncau, Alaska939 BWards Nat. Science 
Jutland270 BR.P. 
Jutland292 B  
Jutland653 BJ.A.Long J7F.M
Jutland, F.M.025 G R.I.F. Ex Wards
Kahala Beach, Hawaii 6706 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Kaitangata, N.Z.320 RS.Chaffer 
Kajkorai [16], Dunedin N.Z.321 R  
Kamischev, Russia 928 R Good
Kamischev, Russia003 B Picked 1938
Kamischev, Russia207 R B.Hartley  
Kamischev, Russia397 B Light
Kamischev, Russia398 B Good
Kamischev, Russia400 B  
Kamischev, Russia401 B  
Kamischev, Russia589 BJ.A.Long K37F.M
Kamischev, Russia714 BJ.SollidayF.M
Kamischev, Russia790 BB.Hartley2011 
Kamischev, Russia806 B  
Kamischev, Russia[1]437 B  
Kamischev, Russia[2]399 B  
Kamischev, Russia[2]402 B  
Kamischev, Russia Ex Cheneviere835 BCheneviere/B.Hartley2010Triceratium
Kamo, Whangaru N.Z.350 BJ.A.Long K18F.F\W
Karand, Hungary622 BJ.A.Long K4F.M
Kawaikui Beach, Hawaii704 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Kawaikui Beach, Hawaii [1]701 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Kawaikui Beach, Hawaii 3703 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Kchanta Haut, Oran658 BJ.A.Long K34R.M
Kchanta-Haut, Oran Algeria044 BChenev 
Keen, New Hampshire U.S.A.934 BJ.SollidayNeeds more cleaning
Kekko, Hungary673 BJ.A.Long K3F.M
Kenai Peninsula, Ex R.B.McLaughlin/R.I.F521 BB.Hartley 2419Stephanodiscus niagarea
Kentmere Diatomite, Cumberland950 BK.D.Kemp 
Kentmere Diatomite, Westmorland577 BK.D.KempFine
Kentmere Diatomite, Westmorland618 BK.D.KempCoarse
Kentmere large, Westmorland300 B Coarse
Kentmere Medium, Westmorland273 B  
Kentmere, Cumbria838 RB.Hartley2697F.F\W
Kentmere, Diatomite Westmorland392 BK.D.Kemp 
Kentmere, Westmoreland068 B  
Kenya833 RR.I.Firth173\Latham 
Kerguelen450 BJ.A.Long KR.M
Kerguelen Isl919 RR.I.Firth54 Q.M.C 
Kerguelen Island199 BWheeler  
Kerguelen Island821 RR.I.Firth19 
Kerguelen Island, From Corallines308 RS.ChafferFine
Kerguelen Island, From Corallines309 RS.ChafferCoarse
Kerguelen Islands921 RR.I.Firth54 Q.M.CMarine
Kerguelen Islands922 RR.I.Firth51 Q.M.CMarine
Kerguelen Land, [2]201 BWheeler 
Key Largo, Florida U.S.A.905 RR.I.Firth64 
Kings Norton, Warwickshire555 BH.Dailada 
Kingsland, N.Z.418 BJ.A.Long N23 
Kisstib, Caucasus674 BJ.A.Long K8R.F\W
Kisstib, Caucasus Sub fossil F\W983 BR.I.Firth448 
Klamath Falls, Highway 97 Oregon U.S.A. 033 GS.Rachootin 
Klamath Falls, Old Fort Rd Oregon U.S.A. 054 GS.Nagy 
Klamath Falls, Oregon Site4 U.S.A.053 GS.Nagy 
Klamath Falls, Oregon432 BB.Hartley 1724 <600 Choir mouth
Klamath Falls, Oregon U.S.A.676 B R.F\W
Klamath Falls, Oregon U.S.A.844 RR.I.Firth45 
Klamath, Oregon U.S.A.371 BJ.A.Long K35R.F\W
Kobe, Japan443 BJ.A.Long K26R.M
Koggik, Hungary347 BJ.A.Long K17F.M
Kopecz, Hungary313 RTempereEx S.Chaffer
Kopecz, Hungary516 BJ.A.Long K31F.F\W
Kraik, Rox Scotland899 RJ.Carter 4945Nitzschia palea
Kreyenhagen Shale, U.S.A.372 BJ.A.Long K2 B 
Kreyenhagen Shale, U.S.A.642 B  
Kreyenhagen Shale, Calif. U.S.A.249 B  
Kreyenhagen Shale, Laguna Seca Merced Co CAS Loc 40391004 R Eocene
Kreyenhagen Shale, U.S.A.125 B  
Kreyenhagen Shale, U.S.A.643 B  
Ku Jun Se, Ghana054 R F.M
Ku Jun Se, Ghana096 R Fine
Kusnetz, Russia736 B  
L984 86080403061 G  
La Brae, Trinidad[179]014 B  
Lac De Zway, Theposa942 BTempere 
Lagoon pond, Bermuda Island186 RK.D.Kemp  
Lake Baikal, Russia312 RR.FlowerSediment
Lake Coila, N.S.W745 B  
Lake Elmenteite, Kenya515 RA.C.G.BestPleistocene
Lake Forest pier, Michigan U.S.A.370 BJ.A.Long L41R.F\W
Lake Mintona, Minnesota U.S.A.275 BBarth  
Lake Pupuke, Takapuma N.Z.087 B [1938]
Lake Pupuke, Takapuma N.Z. [2]217 B  
Lake Sarnen, Switzerland477 BJ.A.Long S31R.F\W
Lake Utah260 R  
Lake Vermilion, Big Bay Minnesota U.S.A.071 GDr. John Kingston  
Lake Vermilion, Pike Bay Minnesota U.S.A.070 GDr. John KingstonAmphiprora ornata
Lake Vermilion, Pike Bay Minnesota U.S.A. 070 GDr. John Kingston 
Lakeside, Windermere Cumbria935 RK.D.KempMoss squeeze, Pinnularia borealis, Navicula mutica va cohnii
Las Salinas [2], Ibiza415 RK.D.Kemp  
Las Salinas [3], Ibiza408 RK.D.Kemp [1]
Las Salinas [3], Ibiza Algae on roots420 RK.D.Kemp  
Las Salinas [4], Ibiza416 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Las Salinas [5], Ibiza414 RK.D.Kemp  
Las Salinas, Ibiza405 RK.D.Kemp[1]
Las Salinas, Mallorca Sediment tanks089 RK.D.Kemp N.obtusa, M brebissonii
Las Salinas[2], Mallorca Sediment tanks005 RK.D.KempN.obtusa, M.brebissonii
Laskos, Greece482 R  
Latchi, Cyprus729 RE.Urqart 
Lauenberg597 BJ.A.Long L12 
Lawkland, Roadside ditch Nr.Austwick030 RB.Hartley 1133 
Lawrence, Maryland U.S.A.417 BJ.A.Long L42 
Le Gard060 B Heavy
Le Gard187 BCheneviere  
Le Gard, [1]150 B  
Le Gard, [1]299 B  
Le Gard, [2]320 B Heavy
Le Zwyn, Belgium449 BJ.A.Long ZR.M
Leatis Isl., Conn U.S.A.062 BP.KindallPleurosigma terryanum
Leatis Island, Conn U.S.A.686 B R.M
Leatis Island, Conn. U.S.A.385 BEx Adams 
Leete's Island, Conn. U.S.A.986 RR.I.Firth\Wards(Terry deposit No2
Les Queyrades, France723 BJ.A.Long QF.F\W
Levant587 BJ.A.Long L16Auliscus sculptus, Auliscus sp
Levant796 RJ.T.NormanAs 587 R
Lewis Islands056 GDoig\MeakinLooks like Loch Cuither material
Licita, Italy685 BJ.A.Long L7Coscinodiscus, F.M
Lignites, Sendai Japan351 BJ.A.Long L25F.F\W
Lily Lake, Bedford N.Scotia344 BJ.A.Long L19R.F/W
Limburg (Linbourg), Austria582 BJ.A.Long L6F.M
Little Comberton, Pond742 RA.Peabody 
Littordale, Yorks075 RB.Hartley1373 
Llandanwg, N.Wales070 RB.Hartley 1013 
Llandanwg, N.Wales362 RK.D.Kemp  
Llandanwg, N.Wales919 BK.D.KempTrachyneis aspera
Llandanwg, N.Wales Beach016 RB.Hartley 1036Short seaweed on beach
Llandanwg, N.Wales Middle shore069 RK.D.Kemp 
Llandanwg, N.Wales On Red Algae486 RB.Hartley 481>600
Llandanwg, N.Wales On Sandy Beach056 RK.D.KempTrachyneis clepsydra
Lluc Mountain pass, Mallorca Stream251 RK.D.KempAmphipleura pellucida on Batrachospermum, On Batrachospermum
Llyn Arenig Bach, Wales245 BTempere 
Loch Cuither, Skye Scotland813 RB.Hartley2698Epithemia, Diatoma hiemale
Loch Cuither, Skye Scotland028 RB.Hartley 
Loch Cuither, Skye Scotland578 RK.D.Kemp 
Loch Eye, Cromarty Scotland574 RJ.Carter 
Loch Kinnord, Aberdeenshire Scotland884 BR.I.Firth38Fine
Loch Leven, Scotland889 RR.I.Firth470Eunotia
Loch Leven, Scotland Stream entry608 RJ.Carter4297 
Loch Lomond, Scotland301 RS.Chaffer 
Loch Loxford, Shore of770 RJ.Carter 
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland111 RB.HartleyYellow spoil heap
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland444 RB.Harley 304 DHeavy
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland445 RB.Hartley 304 DFrustulia rhomboides
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland446 RB.Hartley 304 D 
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland479 RB.Hartley 304 DMedium
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland500 RB.HartleyPINNULARIA DACTYLUS
Loch Na Cuilc, Lewis Scotland814 RB.Hartley2703Not good
Loch Narroch, Merrick Scotland785 BJ.Carter Acid Lake
Lompoc, California U.S.A.064 B  
Lompoc, California U.S.A.255 B  
Lompoc, California U.S.A.289 B  
Lompoc, California U.S.A.532 BK.D.KempCleaned by K.D.K
Lompoc, California U.S.A.543 BK.D.Kemp 
Lompoc, California U.S.A.544 BK.D.Kemp 
Lompoc, California U.S.A.648 B  
Lompoc, California U.S.A.649 B  
Lompoc, California U.S.A.650 B  
Lompoc, California U.S.A.945 RR.I.Firth 136 
Lompoc, California U.S.A.423 BJ.A.Long L39F.M
Londonderry, N.Ireland838 BEx S.ChafferFine
Londonderry, N.Ireland839 BEx S.ChafferCoarse
Londonderry, R.P278 B  
Long Island Cold springs, N.York U.S.A.343 BJ.A.Long L21 
Longleat lake, Longleat Devon088 RK.D.Kemp  
Los Angeles, California U.S.A. F.M.I doubt it!638 BJ.A.Long L28Navicula maculata, Nitzschia s Calaris, Plagiotropis.
Lost Springs Ranch, California U.S.A.452 BJ.A.Long L32F.F/W
Lost Springs Ranch, California U.S.A. F.F/W682 B Eunotia formica, Stauroneis, Pinnularia major, Cymbella
Lough Neagh, N.Ireland071 R  
Low Island, Barrier Reef Australia564 RE.Shelton  
Low Island, Barrier Reef Australia565 RE.Shelton  
Low Island, Barrier Reef Australia566 RE.Shelton  
Low Island, Barrier Reef Australia570 R  
Lüdenscheid, Fishteich Germany993 RNötzelPinnularia
Luneberg, Hanover Germany007 BWest 
Luneberger Heidi, Germany [2]148 RS.Chaffer  
Luton Sewage Works, Luton Outfall sill789 RB.Hartley475Navicula mutica
Lyle Bay, N.Z.614 BJ.A.Long L17 
Lyme Regis, Devon084 RK.D.KempFootpath puddle
Lyme Regis, Devon146 RK.D.Kemp Footpath puddle
Lyons Creek Road, Maryland U.S.A. 073 GJ.J.G.  
Lyons Creek, Maryland U.S.A.108 BWilliams  
Lyons Creek, Maryland U.S.A.613 BJ.A.Long L20F.M
Lyons Creek, Maryland U.S.A.883 RB.Hartley1337Actinoptychus heliopelta
Lyons Farm, New Jersey U.S.A.338 BJ.A.Long L27F.F\W
Macdonald Islands791 RTempere 
Macintosh Lake, Nova Scotia Canada887 B Pinnularia, Surirella, Epithemia
Magens Bay, St.Thomas W.Indies397 RM.Carrat 
Magyar Kermany, Hungary348 BJ.A.Long M33 
Main Bluff, Batley Kaipara harbour Aukland N.Z.294 B  
Majave, U.S Diatom Mine California U.S.A.912 BJ.Solliday 
Malaca Straits705 BJ.A.Long M17R.M
Malaga Cove, California U.S.A.824 RBriggerHeavy
Malham Tarn shore, West Boat House060 GM.Samworth 
Malham Tarn, Preston Montford085 RK.D.Kemp 
Malta374 BJ.A.Long M25R.M
Mandaino, Italy669 B F.M
Manila 2790 R  
Manila Harbour, Philippines911 RR.I.Firth16 
Manila Harbour, Philippines924 RR.I.Firth38Poor
Manilla Harbour009 GR.I.Firth16 
Manilla Harbour, Philippines113 R  
Marais Salant, [1]758 RA.PeabodyFine
Marais Salant, [1]759 RA.PeabodyCoarse
Marais Salant, France595 RA.Peabody 
Marathon, Greece649 RC.Zaracovitis  
Maria Madre Isl, Coast of Mexico816 RJ.SollidayEx G.D.Hanna/K.Jordan
Maria Madre Isl., Mexico881 B SmallV.Good, Auliscus, Navicula(lyrates) Diploneis, Actinptychus.
Marine mixed780 RB.Hartley 
Marine, Off mooring ropes826 RB.Hartley 26667Biddulphia aurita, good
Mark Moor [4], Mark Moor Somerset354 RB.Hartley 1674 Verti Cal face of peat
Mark Moor ditch [1], Mark Moor Somerset343 RB.Hartley 1671 
Mark Moor ditch[1], Mark Moor Somerset368 RB.Hartley 1671  
Mark Moor rain sump, Mark Moor [3] Somerset355 RB.Hartley 1673  
Mark Moor Rhyne, Mark Moor Somerset356 RB.Hartley 1676>600
Mark Moor Rhyne, Mark Moor Somerset357 RK.D.Kemp Surface scum
Mark Moor Rhyne[7], Mark Moor Somerset351 RB.Hartley 1677 
Marlborough, N.Z.302 RS.Chaffer 
Marmorito, Italy706 BJ.A.Long M12F.M
Maryland, U.S.A.637 B  
Maryland, U.S.A.009 B #9.300
Maryland, U.S.A.581 BJ.A.Long M11A 
Maryland, U.S.A.665 BJ.A.Long M11C200 Mesh
Maryland, U.S.A.668 BJ.A.Long M11D300 Mesh
Maryland, U.S.A.703 BJ.A.Long M11EF.M
Massouri Beach, Kalymnos584 R  
Matabungkay Beach, Lian Batangas Philippines622 RH.Arber Fine
Matabungkay Beach, Lian Batangas Philippines623 RH.Arber Medium
Matabungkay Beach, Lian Batangas Philippines624 RH.Arber Coarse
Matabunkay Beach, Philippines258 RH.ArberFine
Matabunkay Beach, Philippines259 RH.Arber 
Matabunkay Beach, Philippines760 RH.Arber 
Matabunkay Beach, Philippines Lian Batangas843 RH.ArberBatch2
Mauritius672 BJ.A.Long M42R.M
Mautius?857 R  
Mavos, Oamaru N.Z.747 B  
Max Mills, Banwell Somerset 028 GK.D.KempIn the steps of Pooley
Mc.Murdo sound, Antarctica550 RP.Haupt  
McArthur, Burney Falls Memorial Park092 G  
McMurdo Sound, Bottom Dredge799 RR.I.Firth225a 
Mediterranean Sea447 BJ.A.Long M26R.M
Mediterranean Sea585 BJ.A.Long M26R.M
Mejillones, Bolivia840 RR.I.Firth134<300
Melange579 BJ.A.Long 78 
Melange, A.B.I.F.N3TI155 B  
Melosira arenaria168 RJ.Carter  
Melosira nummuloides, Rhabdonema minuta872 B R.M
Melosira, Plankton231 R F/W
Meudon, France725 BJ.A.Long H5Recent freshwater, Hantzschia amphioxus
Mexico902 BR.I.Firth528Cymbella
Mexilloneis, Bolivia874 RBrit.Museum 
Mexilloneis, BoliviaF.M.882 BJ.A.Long M2/B.HartleyCoscinodiscus, Navicula spectabilis.Cestodiscus
Mexilloneis, Guano875 BEx S.H.M 
Midshiels, Rox Scotland378 RJ.Carter4089 
Milford, Delaware U.S.A.946 RR.I.Firth 409 
Milford Haven219 B  
Mill Creek, Bermuda392 RK.D.Kemp 
Mill Crest, Oyster Bay605 B  
Miltona, Minn. U.S.A.646 BJ.A.Long M14 
Mirimar, Chinamans gardens612 B  
Mirimar, Chinamans Gardens Wellington N.Z.479 B 
Miyaki-Ken, Japan867 RR.I.Firth 540Stephanodiscus niagaraea good, F.F\W
Mobile, Alabama U.S.A.704 BJ.A.Long MR.Br
Mochras, N.Wales202 RB.Hartley 
Mochras, N.Wales265 RK.D.Kemp 
Modeno, Italy340 BJ.A.Long M20F.F\W
Moiris Co., Connecticut U.S.A.415 BJ.A.Long M16 
Moisac, France425 BJ.A.Long M68R.F\W
Molibu Range Ranch, Calififornia U.S.A.364 BJ.A.Long M34 
Molins Bay, Cala San Vicente Mallorca787 RK.D.KempNavicula palpebralis, On Sandy beach
Molins Beach, Cala San Vicente Mallorca042 RK.D.Kemp 
Moliro, Tanganyka977 RR.I.Firth192Fine
Monach, LewesOuter Hebrides341 BJ.A.Long M41F.F\W
Monach, Outer Hebrides334 B  
Monaco110 BChenev 
Monaco, France615 BJ.A.Long M8R.M
Monkshead, Skye Scotland358 BJ.A.Long M1F.F\W
Monte Amiato, Italy115 BWest 
Monte Fecha197 BF.Adams  
Monterey, California U.S.A.427 BJ.A.Long M59 
Montgomery, Alabama U.S.A.012 BWest 
Montgomery, Alabama U.S.A.687 BJ.A.Long M29Fine F.F\W
Montsinery, French Guyana616 BG.D.Brown 
Moreno Shale No4, California U.S.A.945 BJ.Smith 
Moreno Shale, California U.S.A.047 BJ.A.Long M44 [3] 
Moreno shale, California U.S.A.635 B  
Morgan Island, Bermuda Surface plankton386 R  
Morlands, Jutland310 RS.ChafferCoarse, Trinacria
Morlands, Jutland311 RS.ChafferFine
Moron No1783 RS.Chaffer 
Moron, Cortyo de la Vega Spain282 RS.Chaffer 
Moron, Cortyo de la Vega Spain809 BS.ChafferSin Analyzer
Moron, Spain149 RS.Chaffer 
Moron, Spain153 RMoller 
Moron, Spain563 BJ.A.Long M70 
Mors, Fegeklit Jutland121 R Coarse
Moss Beach, Near S. Francisco California U.S.A.037 GR.I.F. 
Moulton Ranch, El Toro Calif. U.S.A. 039 GR.I.F.No1
Mount Hillaby, Barbados349 RW.A.F  
Mount Hillaby, Barbados892 BB.Hartley 1980 
Mount Shichimen, Province of Kai Japan185 B  
Mount Whitney, California U.S.A.082 G (BM)
Mt.Hillaby, Barbados675 B F.M
Mt.Hillaby, Barbados707 BJ.A.Long H30F.M
Mt.Shiehiman, Japan414 BJ.A.Long S48F.F\W
Muddy Ceek Road, Maryland U.S.A.916 BJ.SollidayActinoptychus heliopelta
Muddy Creek road, Maryland U.S.A.122 BWalsh  
Mull, Scotland833 BK.D.KempSynedra, Epithemia
Mull, Scotland010 RMc.NuffFrustulia rhomboides good
Mull, Scotland141 RK.D.Kemp Frustulia rhomboides
Mull, Scotland369 RJ.T.Norman  
Mull, Scotland671 BJ.A.Long M18F.F\W
Murray 137183 B  
Murray 45182 B Heavy
Murray 45262 B Heavy
Murray 45264 B  
Murray 45, Light200 B  
Murray 56207 B  
Murray Exp 156, 1000fath324 R  
Murray Expedition, Station 35Net depth 450m290 R  
Murray MB, [2c]258 B  
Murray MB, 11 C069 B Note after MB should be Italics 2
Myvatn Lake, Iceland472 RB.Hartley 1808F.F\W
Myvatn Lake, Iceland948 BE.MarsonCymatopleura librile, Cymbella inaequalis, Epithemia
Myvatn Lake, IcelandCoarse478 RB.Hartley 1808Cymatopleura librile
Nagasaki, Japan445 BJ.A.Long N22R.M
Nagasaki, Japan495 BJ.A.Long N21R.M
Nagasaki, Japan496 BJ.A.Long N20R.M
Nagasaki, Japan 796013 BTempere 
Nagy Curtos, Hungary476 BJ.A.Long N4F.M
Nagy Curtos, Hungary484 BJ.A.Long N1F.M
Nagy Curtos, Hungary485 BJ.A.Long NF.M
Nagy Curtos, Hungary835 RB.Hartley2086Poor
Nankoorri Harbour016 BSwatman 
Naparina001 B  
Naparino, Trinidad004 BDeby-Doig 
Naparino, Trinidad407 BJ.A.Long N45 F.M
Naparino, Trinidad480 BJ.A.Long N46F.M
Naparino, Trinidad481 BJ.A.Long N44F.M
Naparino, Trinidad482 BJ.A.Long N45F.M
Naparino, Trinidad483 BJ.A.Long N45F.M
Naparino, Trinidad507 BJ.A.Long N44F.M
Naples Bay Plankton836 RS.ChafferGood
Naples Gulf487 BJ.A.Long N42R.M
Narnagualand, S.Africa166 B  
Narnagualand, S.Africa488 BJ.A.Long N49 
Narow River, Middle BridgeRhode Isl U.S.A.012 GR.I.Firth 404Navicula lyra
Nassau, Bahamas471 RJ.Carter 
Nassau, Bahamas[286]481 RTempere & Peregallo 
Navicula cryptocephala var veneta031 GR.I.F. Possibly ex Tempere
Navicula lyra, Bermuda Probably Southampton Princess129 RK.D.Kemp 
Navicula maculata508 BJ.A.Long N10Navicula maculata
Navicula ramosissima921 BJ.CarterRhabdonema minuta
Navicula smithii885 B  
Navicula, rostellata165 RN.I.Hendey 
Near Terre, Terrebonne?988 RJ.R.BartholamewProbably Terrebonne Oregon Marine and F.F\W?
New Hebrides103 BF.W.Robertson 
New Hebrides429 BJ.A.Long N13R.M
New Jersey, Beach Haven U.S.A.426 BJ.A.Long N14R.M
New South Wales, Australia925 RR.I.Firth30Pleurosigma formosum
New York, Freeport U.S.A.492 BJ.A.Long N60 
New York, Freeport U.S.A.493 BJ.A.Long N60 
New Zealand490 BJ.A.Long N24Climacosphenia
New Zealand, Coast491 BJ.A.Long N19Coarse
Newark, New York U.S.A.504 BJ.A.Long N17R.M Nitzschia circumsuta
Newcastle, Barbados996 RR.I.Firth787Coscinodiscus excavatus, Biddulphia
Newcastle, Barbados078 B  
Newcastle, Barbados225 B  
Newcastle, Barbados263 B  
Newcastleton, Shale bank606 RJ.Carter3631 
Newport Beach(1), California U.S.A.964 RK.D.Kemp 
Newport Beach(3), California U.S.A.965 RK.D.Kemp 
Newport Beach, California U.S.A.907 BJ.SollidayF.M
Newport Beach, California U.S.A.966 RR.I.Firth316Large
Newport, California U.S.A.024 B  
Newport, California U.S.A.173 B  
Newport, California U.S.A.223 B  
Newport, California U.S.A.253 B [2]
Newport, California U.S.A.279 BF.Adams  
Newport, California U.S.A.497 BJ.A.Long N5 B 
Newport, California U.S.A.498 BJ.A.Long N5 C 
Newport, California U.S.A.499 BJ.A.Long N5 B 
Newport, California U.S.A.721 BS.Chaffer 
Newport, California U.S.A.732 BJ.A.Long N5 D 
Newport, California U.S.A.860 B S.ChafferCoarse
Newport, California U.S.A. [2]325 B  
Ngami Lake, Africa500 BJ.A.Long N50R.F\W
Nice, France460 BJ.A.Long N39F.F\W
Nidri, Greece593 RC.Zaracovitis  
Nikiski, Alaska Fine949 RR.I.Firth 164 
Nikiski, Alaska795 RMcLaughlin 
Nikiski, Alaska Coarse948 RR.I.Firth 106 
Nootka, British Columbia035 BBarthOn Zoostera
Norfolk Broads, Norfolk566 BR.Gray  
Norfolk Broads, Norfolk567 BR.Gray  
Norfolk Broads, Norfolk573 BR.Gray  
Normans Bay, Norfolk352 RH.Gleave/B.Hartley 1143Synedra closreriodes
Normans Bay, Norfolk366 RB.Hartley 1460  
Normans Bay, Norfolk Pevensey Road358 RB.Hartley 1457 
Normans Bay, Petworth Norfolk475 RB.Hartley 1458  
Normans Bay, Petworth Norfolk476 RB.Hartley 1459 
Normans Bay, Sussex882 RR.I.Firth730Melosira nummuloides
North Llyn Bycham, SH236450NGR920 RR.I.Firth65 
North of Calvi, Corsica Coast of756 RB.Hartley 2367Coarse
North River, N.Carolina U.S.A.342 BJ.A.Long N56 
North Sea505 BJ.A.Long N6R.M
North Shore, Bermuda197 RJ.Canne  
North Shore, Bermuda Foxtrot 34449 RJ.Canne 
North Shore, Bermuda Foxtrot 34450 RJ.CanneFine
North Wales061 RB.Hartley 1109 N.G.R SH6103210, Boggy ruts in Acid moorland footpath
Norway003 YB.Hartley 12425Pinnularia alpina
Norway345 RB.Hartley 1623F.F\W Pinnularia alpina
Nottingham, Maryland U.S.A.502 BJ.A.Long N32F.M
Nottingham, Maryland U.S.A. 006 BJ.A.Long N26F.M
Nottingham, Maryland U.S.A.501 BTempere 
Nottingham, Maryland U.S.A.763 B Miocene F.M
Noumea503 BJ.A.Long N15R.M
Nournsky, Russia791 BB.Hartley2015 F.F\W
Nutwell, Maryland U.S.A.815 RR.I.Firth31 
Nutwell, Maryland U.S.A.033 R F.M
Nutwell, Maryland U.S.A.944 RR.I.Firth132Ex QMC
Nyermegy, Hungary489 BJ.A.Long N11F.Br
Oamaru, N.Zealand924 BWatson Museum JarStephanopyxis grunowii
Oamaru, No1 N.Zealand929 BWatson Museum Jar 
Oamaru, 'Doig' N.Z.957 RK.D.K\N.C.F174 
Oamaru, 'Doig' N.Z.958 RK.D.K\N.C.F174 
Oamaru, Mixture861 RS.ChafferPoor
Oamaru, N.Z.002 G  
Oamaru, N.Z.274 B  
Oamaru, N.Z.291 RS.ChafferPoor
Oamaru, N.Z.303 RS.ChafferS.C says poor
Oamaru, N.Z.550 BK.D.Kemp 
Oamaru, N.Z.801 B K.D.Kemp  
Oamaru, N.Z.802 B K.D.Kemp Coarse
Oamaru, N.Z.868 B  
Oamaru, N.Z.418 RMr.Beale 
Oamaru, N.Z.548 B  
Oamaru, N.Z.759 BDoigFine
Oamaru, N.Z. 951 RK.D.K/N.C.F174 
Oamaru, N.Z.952 RK.D.K\N.C.F251 
Oamaru, N.Zealand170 BDr.Watt  
Oamaru, N.Zealand228 BDr.Walt 
Oamaru, N.Zealand243 BDr Reinholdt Gonothesium odontella
Oamaru, N.Zealand928 BWatson Museum JarStephanopyxis grunowii
Oamaru, No2 N.Zealand953 BFlatters & Garnetts 
Oamaru, No5 N.Zealand934 R  
Oamaru, No6 N.Z.932 R Good
Oamaru, No8 N.Zealand935 BWatson Museum Jar 
Oldbury Canal740 RA.Peabody 
Oldmixon, Weston-S-Mare Avon571 RK.D.Kemp  
Olive River797 RR.I.Firth13Ex Q.M.C
Olive River, Queensland848 RR.I.Firth 2150 
Ongaroto Valley, N.Z.307 B  
Ongaroto Valley, N.Z.401 RCleaned K.D.KempCoarse
Ongaroto Valley, N.Z.402 RCleaned K.D.KempFine
Oran, Algiers301 B  
Oran, Algiers789 BB.Hartley2021  
Orcas Isl., U.S.A.448 BJ.A.Long O4F.F/W
Ordie Moss, Scotland846 RBrit.Mus/R.I.F.2084Good, Gomphonema coronatum
Ordie, Aberdeen Scotland478 BJ.A.Long O9F.F\W
Oregon, U.S.A.910 BJ.Solliday 
Orinoc River, Plankton801 RR.I.Firth42 
Orinoco River, Plankton847 RR.I.Firth129 
Orinoco River, Plankton987 BR.I.Firth142\QMCChoir, Synedra
Osuna, SpainF.M.722 BJ.A.Long O51Surirella hastata
Osuno, Spain973 BR.I.Firth139Ex QMC.
Oswestry Canal, N.Wales355 BK.D.Kemp R.F\W
Oswestry, N.Wales Stream389 BK.D.KempR.F\W
Oswestry, N.Wales Union Canal390 BK.D.Kemp R.F\W
Otago Harbour, Dunedin N.Z.233 B M.M.W. R.M
Overbury pond743 RA.Peabody 
Owens Valley, California U.S.A. 841 BJ.SollidayCocconeis, Pinnularia.
Oyster Bay086 BH.C.Adams 
Paama Island, New Hebrides430 BJ.A.Long P2R.M
Paama Island, New Hebrides657 B  
Paama Island, New Hebrides698 BJ.A.Long P79AR.M
Paama Island, New Hebrides[1]560 BSwatmanCoarse
Pachamac Guano027 R  
Pacific Island Guano180 BR.Hudsen 
Pacific Ocean South467 BJ.A.Long P30R.M
Pakato, Japan017 GR.I.Firth 373 
Paleocastritsa, Corfu Greece529 RB.Champion Coarse
Paleocastritsa, Corfu Greece530 RB.Champion Fine
Paleocastritsa, Corfu Greece531 RB.Champion  
Paleocastritsa, Corfu Greece532 RB.Champion Off wall
Palestine466 BJ.A.Long P84 
Palisades Del Rey, Redondo U.S.A.731 B Campylodiscus
Palisades Del Rey, Redondo U.S.A. R.M.787 B Campylodiscus
Palmer Isle, Massachusetts U.S.A.420 BJ.A.Long M53 
Palmers Lake, Mass. U.S.A.995 BF.I.Firth728\Wards. 
Palmozova, Isle S.V.Klement Yugoslavia662 R  
Palogla, Hungary424 BJ.A.Long P26R.F\W
Palos Verde, California U.S.A. 059 G SOKOL B Cleaned 15/12/41
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.065 GB.Hartley 3120Off Seaweed
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.068 GB.Hartley 2303 Retained 300 Mesh
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.866 BJ.SollidaySample No2
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.064 GB.Hartley 3135Combined from 4 R.I.F samples by B.H.
Palos Verde Hills, California U.S.A.292 RS.Chaffer 
Palos Verde, Califonia U.S.A.306 B Cleaned K.D.K 12/61
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.063 B  
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.222 B  
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.231 B  
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.232 B Light
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.234 B Heavy
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.302 B [6 D]
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.314 BK.D.Kemp 
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.330 BJ.A.Long6 I
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.531 B  
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.603 B  
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.701 BJ.A.Long P9F.M
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.865 BJ.Solliday 
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.983 RS.ChafferF.M.
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.429 RB.Hartley 1729F.M Very good
Palos Verde, California U.S.A.436 BSmith 4A 
Panama048 B  
Panama405 BJ.A.Long P54R.M
Panama681 B R.M
Paney, Sumatra904 RR.I.Firth213 
Panoche, California U.S.A.906 BJ.Solliday 
Panoche Hills, California U.S.A.006 GR.I.Firth 108 
Panoche, California U.S.A.106 B Cretaceous 400 D
Panoche, California U.S.A.451 BJ.A.Long P55 AF.M
Panoche, California U.S.A.458 BJ.A.Long P55 D 
Panoche, California U.S.A.702 BJ.A.Long P55BF.M
Panoche, California U.S.A.810 BS.Chaffer 
Panoche, California U.S.A.409 BJ.A.Long P55 F F.M Actinptychus
Paola Island, Mono Lake California U.S.A.890 RR.I.Firth 
Papakaio, N.Z.185 R  
Papakaio, Oamaru N.Zealand847 BEx S.ChafferF.M
Papakaio, South Bank Oamaru N.Zealand947 B Poor
Paphos, Cyprus730 RE.Urqart 
Paria gulf of157 RS.ChafferBiddulphia pulchella, Grammatophora, Cyclotella, Rhabdonema
Parks Plantation, (Probably Barbados)019 BJ.W.Robertson 
Patos Island Guauno141 B  
Patuxent River057 GTempere/Meakin 
Patuxent, Maryland U.S.A.700 BJ.A.Long P4F.M
Pautrask, Lapland412 BJ.A.Long P29 R.Br
Pembroke Marsh (Correct), Bermuda407 RK.D.Kemp  
Pembroke Marsh, Bermuda217 RK.D.Kemp  
Pembroke Marsh, Bermuda229 RK.D.Kemp  
Pembroke Marsh, Bermuda Drainage channel191 RK.D.Kemp  
Penang, Federated Malay States055 GB.M.  
Pennylenlus stream, Rox.353 RJ.Carter  
Penrose, Nr.Aukland N.Z.126 B  
Pensacola Bay105 BWest 
Pensarn, N.Wales Brackish ditch034 RB.Hartley 739 
Perranporth, Cornwall592 BJ.A.Long P43R.F\W
Peruvian Guano090 BTempere  
Peruvian Guano162 R  
Peruvian Guano332 BDr.Holt  
Peruvian Guano431 B  
Peruvian Guano971 BR.I.Firth48 
Pesagua, Peru421 BJ.A.Long P58 
Pesagua, Peru699 B R.M
Peso Flores, Argentina888 BJ.F.B.\B.H.2632 
Petersburg, Virginia U.S.A.820 ROriginally from PeticolaBiddulphia
Philippines517 RH.ArberR.F\W
Philippines, On Zoostera766 RH.ArberUncleaned
Philippines, On Zoostera767 RH.ArberUncleaned
Pico De Teneriffe, 300 mesh828 REx Q.M.C. 
Pikes pond, N.H U.S.A.022 B  
Pikes Pond, N.Hampshire U.S.A.152 B  
Piling mud flats, Lancs353 BK.D.Kemp  
Piling Mud Flats, Lancs354 BK.D.KempSurirella gemma, Pleurosigma angulatum
Piling mud flats, Lancs454 BK.D.Kemp Surirella gemma strews
Piling Sands, Lancs879 RR.I.Firth589Surirella gemma
Pilion Bolos, Bathia Spilia Greece650 RC.Zaracovitis  
Pinnularia socialis518 B Pinnularia socialis
Pintado el Alto, Moron Spain856 RAzpeitia 
Place Manor, Cornwall052 R  
Plantaganet Bank, Alpha Foxtrot 20 Bermuda189 RJ.Canne  
Plantaganet Bank, Alpha Foxtrot 20 Bermuda190 RJ.Canne  
Plantaganet Bank, Bermuda Alpha Foxtrot 20493 RJ.Canne50 fathoms
Playa de la Americana, Tenerife560 R  
Playa de la Americana, Tenerife561 R  
Playa de Sta Fe, Habana Cuba286 B  
Playa Del Ray, Califonia U.S.A.913 BJ.SollidayNitzschia obtusa
Pleurosigma acuminatum517 BJ.A.Long P33Pleurosigma acuminatum
Pleurosigma spenceri936 RR.I.Firth52 
Poero Pollensa, Mallorca860 RK.D.KempOn Zoostera
Poerto de la Cruz, Tenerife557 R  
Poerto de la Cruz, Tenerife558 R  
Poerto de la Cruz, Tenerife559 R Coarse
Poerto Del Carmen, Lanzerote238 RF.Nicholson 
Poerto Petra, Mallorca534 RK.D.Kemp  
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca001 RK.D.KempMelosira varians
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca144 RK.D.Kemp On Eel grass
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca271 RK.D.KempOn Zoostera
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca341 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca350 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca364 RK.D.Kemp M.Schmidtii
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca383 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca384 RK.D.KempCoarse
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca510 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca533 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca541 RK.D.Kemp  
Poerto Pollensa, Mallorca684 RK.D.KempOn Zoostera
Poerto Pollensa, MallorcaHarbour wall367 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Poerto Pollensa, MallorcaTo Cala San Vicente601 RK.D.KempMountain walk
Polangine district, N.Z.251 B  
Pollet Lake, New Brunswick Canada895 BR.I.Firth349Pinnularia, Surirella
Pomander Gate, Hamilton Harbour Bermuda216 RK.D.Kemp Under Mangroves
Pool Harbour781 REx S.Chaffer 
Pool Harbour851 RR.I.Firth181Good Tropidoneis lepidoptera
Popes Creek, Maryland U.S.A.317 B  
Popes Creek, Virginia U.S.A.842 BEx S.ChafferCoscinodiscus, Craspedoporus.
Poplein, Maryland U.S.A.052 BDoeg-Fuge 
Poplein, Maryland U.S.A.314 RS.Chaffer 
Porpoise Bay, British Columbia753 B Navicula ovalis
Port Dickson, Malaya670 RB.Hartley 512Rock scrapings
Port Dickson, Malaya off sponges636 RB.Hartley 573 
Port Dinorwg, N.Wales017 RB.Hartley 1037 
Port Douglas Pier, Australia567 R V.Coarse
Port Douglas Pier, Australia 6''-24'' 16o28S 145o27'E552 R  
Port Douglas Pier, Australia 6''-24'' 16o28S 145o27'E553 R  
Port Douglas Pier, Australia 6''-24'' 16o28S 145o27'E554 R  
Port Douglas Pier, Australia 6''-24'' 16o28S 145o27'E555 R Fine
Port Douglas Pier, Australia 6''-24'' 16o28S 145o27'E 599 R  
Port Douglas, Malasia663 RH.Gleave 
Port Firman917 R  
Port Glerone, N.Ireland761 R  
Port Hope, Canada011 BWest 
Port Hope, Canada670 BJ.A.Long H16F.F\W
Port Livingstone, Guatamala157 B  
Port Maquaris, N.S.W. 029 GR.I.Firth/B.M.R.M.
Port Merion, N.Wales021 RK.D.Kemp 
Port Stevens, Australia121 BTempere  
Port Townsend, U.S.A.726 BJ.A.Long T8R.M
Port Townsend, Australia265 BTempere  
Port Townsend, U.S.A.645 B  
Port Townsend, U.S.A.720 BJ.A.Long T7R.M Auliscus
Port Townsend, Washington U.S.A.696 RA.C.Wheeler/S.ChafferR.M
Portishead Rhyne, Avon219 RK.D.Kemp  
Portland, Maine U.S.A.085 B Mud on fish
Portland, Victoria Australia171 B  
Porto Rico656 BJ.A.Long P65R.M
Praslin Beach, Hotel Seychelles693 RN.Williams 
Prince Rupert D.C, Canada Ex J.A.Long877 RJ.A.Long B81R.I.Firth577Trigonia
Prince Rupert, Brit.Colon Mearo002 BBarth 
Prince Rupert, British Columbia092 BBartR.M
Providence, Rhode Island465 BJ.A.Long P32F.F\W
Puenta Hills, California U.S.A.905 BJ.Solliday 
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaries467 RS.Kemp Podocystis spathulata
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaries468 RS.Kemp Biddulphia
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaries469 RS.Kemp  
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaries Untreated447 RS.Kemp  
Puget Sound210 RJ.F.BArachnoidiscus ehrenbergii
Puget Sound406 BJ.A.Long P50 R.M
Puriri, Oamaru N.Z.367 B Poor
Quiniapac River, Conn. U.S.A.475 BJ.A.Long Q4R.M
Quiniapac River, Conn. U.S.A.513 BJ.A.Long Q1R.M
R.St.Denis Reunion554 BTemper 
R.St.Denis, Reunion534 BTempere 
R.V.P.Cruise, Upper 1'' core sub sample792 B 2405Fathoms
Radiolaria530 B  
Radiolaria799 BE.Urqhart 
Radiolaria, Barbados?842 R  
Rajac, North of Salta Isl.Yugoslavia620 RM.Keeshan 
Ramleh, Egypt941 BS.H. Job 
Ramleigh, Egypt870 RR.I.Firth597Triceratium pentacrinus good
Ramleigh, Egypt808 RR.I.Firth07 
Ramsey, Isle of Man434 BK.D.Kemp  
Ramsey, Isle of Man561 BK.D.Kemp  
Ramsey, Isle of Man571 BK.D.Kemp 
Ramsey, Isle of Man572 BK.D.Kemp Fine
Rankum, Holland098 BReinhold 
Rappahanock River, Quigly VirginiaU.S.A979 B 
RBT Taitts, Shetland001 GR.I.Firth 396Pinnularia britannica
Reading, Pond Near310 B  
Red Lane Flash, Sandbach Cheshire656 RA.Wright  
Red Lane Flash, Sandbach Cheshire657 RA.Wright  
Red Lane Flash, Sandbach Cheshire658 RA.Wright  
Red Lane Flash, Sandbach Cheshire831 RA.J.Wright/B.H2720 
Red Sea, Dredgings214 B  
Redesmere, Cheshire328 BK.D.Kemp  
Redesmere, Cheshire329 BK.D.Kemp Fine
Redesmere, Cheshire359 BK.D.Kemp  
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.059 BBoyer No2 
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.116 BDoeg\Fuge 
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.176 BBoyer [1] 
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.189 BPoss.Cheneviere Good
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.281 B  
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.640 BPoss J.A.Long RF.M
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A.724 BPoss J.A.Long R2 
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A. R.M.107 BBartArachnoidiscus, Biddulphia
Redondo Beach, California U.S.A. R.M.590 B Isthmia, Biddulphia
Retrench Quarry, Trinidad923 B Radiolaria
Rhode Island, Saltpond253 R  
Rhodes, Kallithea Greece923 RR.I.F?Mastogloia
Rhoicosphenia, curvataon Cladophora570 B  
Ribble Head, Yorks360 BK.D.Kemp Fine, Diymosphenia geminata, Gomphonema ventricosa
Ribble Head, Yorkshire361 BK.D.Kemp Coarse, Didymosphenia geminata
Ribblehead, Yorks903 BR.I.Firth358 
Richmond Val091 B  
Richmond Val, [1]327 BTempere 
Richmond Val, Poss U.S.A. ?678 B  
Richmond Val., S.of Baldwins Shap165 BWheeler 
Rickford, Avon Nr.Burrington Combe667 RK.D.KempSynedra capitata
Rift Valley, Kenya382 RB.Hartley 1684 
Rio Hondo, Prof.Pinar del Rio Cuba051 B  
Rio Santa Cruz, Prov Pinar del Rio Cuba786 RJ.A.Long C76Amphipleura lindheimeri
Rio Santa Cruz, Prov.Pinar del Rio Cuba904 BJ.A.Long C76Terpsinoe musica
Rio Sta Cruz, Cuba Prov.Pinar Del Rio029 B  
Rio Sta Cruz, Pinar del Rio C76989 RC76Amhipleura lindheimeri
River Brue, Somerset491 RK.D.KempFine
River Itchin, Wiltshire918 RK.D.KempCymbella cornuta
River Thames, London954 B Hydrosera triquetra
Roberts Cove, Co Cork Ireland859 RA.J.WrightPoor
Roberts Cove, Co.Cork N.Ireland773 BA.Wright 0164/O.Mearo 
Robertson, Trough at Scotland077 R  
Robinsons Marine, Bermuda136 RK.D.Kemp  
Rochelle, France514 BJ.A.Long R2R.M
Rocky stream, South Oamaru N.Zealand089 GB.Hartley 366 
Rodriguez381BJ.A.Long R17 R.M
Rodriguez557 BTemper  
Rolouea, N.Z.641 BJ.A.Long R25F.F\W
Rossholm School pond, East Brent Somerset817 RK.D.KempNitzschia palea
Rossholme School, East Brent Somerset169 RK.D.Kemp  
Royal Sound, Kerguelen Isl.28 Fathoms788 RChallenger 149D 
Rudyard298 B  
Russ Hill, Charlwood Surrey891 RR.I.Firth348 
Russ Hill, Charlwood Surrey Pit1018 GR.I.Firth238\Coll. A.G.Greenfield 
S.Atlantic, Dredgings794 BB.Hartley2040  
Sa Callobra, Mountain pass Mallorca257 RK.D.KempStream
Salt Pans, Thüringen Sachsen976 RE. RaapMelosira nummuloides, Achnanthese
Salthouse Marsh, N.Norfolk222 RB.Hartley 456a  
Samoa667 BJ.A.Long S46Plankton as Moller, R.M
San Diego, California U.S.A. F.M.626 BJ.A.Long D1Hemidiscus cuneiformis
San Felipe, Baja Co California U.S.A.043 GR.I.F. 
San Fernando, California U.S.A.277 B  
San Fernando, Trinidad041 GB.Hartley 
San Gregorio, Baja California U.S.A.991 BR.I.Firth252\CAS54064West side, late Oligocene, lower most 4 feet of beds, exposed on West wall.
San Jordi River, Poerto Pollensa Mallorca509 RK.D.Kemp 
San Jordi River, Poerto Pollensa Mallorca569 RK.D.Kemp 
San Jose River, Cape San Lucas California U.S.A.916 RR.I.Firth05 
San Jose River, Cape San Lucas California U.S.A.990 BR.I.Firth209\P.C.Booth\Loy coll\CAS55390Terpsinoe musica pure.
San Luiz, Obispo California U.S.A.204 RTempere Coscinodiscus, Actinoptychus
San Pedro, California U.S.A.977 BR.I.Firth51 
San Pedro, California U.S.A.070 BKusteCoscinodiscus, Triceratium
San Pedro, California U.S.A.192 B Good, Coscinodiscus, Cocconeis, Asteromphalus
San Pedro, California U.S.A.655 BJ.A.Long P55Coscinodiscus, F.M
San Pedro, California U.S.A.723 RH.C.Wheeler00/00/40, Climacosphenia moniligera, Campyloneis grevilleyi, Arachnoidiscus.
San Pedro, California U.S.A.829 BMiss S.P.Monks/S.ChafferOn Algae, Very good, Climacosphenia moniligera, Cocconeis
San Pedro, California U.S.A.931 RB.Hartley2817 Cleaned by N.CharlesSilicoflagellates, very goodmaterial
San Pedro, California U.S.A. R.M?273 RJ.A.Long P59Climacosphenia, Campyloneis, Triceratium, Arachnoidiscus.
San Pedro, Califorrnia U.S.A.695 BJ.A.Long p55F.M Poor
San Sebastian410 BJ.A.Long S20 Synedra gailonii
San Sebastian, Spain037 BWest 
Sanbiggin Tarn, Flash736 RA.Peabody 
Sanbiggin Tarn, Tufa hummock741 RA.Peabody 
Sand Bay mud flats, Weston-s-MareAvon100 RK.D.Kemp/B.Hartley 
Sandwich Islands028 BAdams ex Truan 
Sant Jordi River, Poerto Pollensa Mallorca669 RK.D.Kemp 
Sant Jordi River, Poerto Pollensa Mallorca698 RK.D.Kemp 
Sant Jordi River, Poerto Pollensa Mallorca793 RK.D.KempPleurosigma
Santa Ana, California U.S.A.911 BJ.SollidayF.W
Santa Barbara, California U.S.A.257 B  
Santa Cruz Is, Smugglers Cove California U.S.A.927 B Coscinodiscus, Auliscus, Grammatophora, Stictodiscus
Santa Cruz range, Mexico City123 BF.AdamsEpithemia, Cymbella
Santa Cruz, Federal DistrictMexico808 BF.AdamsEpithemia hyndmannii, Cymbella, Cyclotella
Santa Cruz, Mexico226 B Epithemia hyndmannii
Santa Fiore, TuscanyItaly250 B  
Santa Lucia891 BTempere  
Santa Lucia, California U.S.A.697 BJ.A.Long L11F.M
Santa Margarita, Mallorca Fountain248 RK.D.Kemp 
Santa Maria, California U.S.A.433 BJ.A.Long M9F.M
Santa Monica, California U.S.A.677 B F.M
Santa Monica, California U.S.A. F.M073 B  
Santa Monica, California U.S.A. F.M221 B  
Santa Monica, California U.S.A.285 B Coscinodiscus, Actinoptychus, Triceratium, Gephyria.
Santa Rosa Sound, California U.S.A.004 GR.I.Firth482\J.F.BR.M. Triceratium, Amphora, Lyrates
Santa Rosa Sound, Florida U.S.A.007 GR.I.Firth 481Actinptychus, Triceratium good
Santa Rosa Sound, Florida U.S.A.008 GR.I.Firth 480Actinptychus, Triceratium good
Santa Rosa Sound, Florida U.S.A.992 R  
Santorini, Akrotiri Greece631 RC.Zaracovitis  
Sardinia632 BJ.A.Long S9R.M
Sartil, DiggSkye Scotland881 RSurirella elegans, Pinnularia
Sartil, Skye Scotland093 RB.Hartley956 
Savanah, G.A486 BJ.A.Long S43R.Br
Savona, British Columbia F.F/W875 RR.I.Firth601F.F\W
Sawanecho, Sado Isl. Niigiata Japan043 R Coarse
Sawanecho, Sado Isl. Niigata Japan044 R F.F\W
Saxony, Hutzel066 B Infusorial Earth
Scottish Antarctic Exp. 152 R  
Sea Island, Fraser River Delta VancouverB.C.834 R20/10/19, Good
Sendai, Japan026 BFuge 
Sendai, Japan074 G  
Sendai, Japan464 BJ.A.Long S2F.M
Sendai, Japan608 BJ.A.Long S4F.M
Sendai, Japan620 B F.M
Sendai, Japan621 B F.M
Sendai, Japan627 B F.M
Sendai, Japan659 B  
Sendai, Japan689 B F.M
Sendai, Japan733 B  
Sendai, Japan812 BS.ChafferCoscinodiscus asteromphalus, Arachnoidiscus
Sendle River, On F/W algae745 RA.Peabody 
Sendle River, Stone738 RA.Peabody 
Sepoy Well, Rox379 RJ.Carter  
Sepoy Well, Rox.372 RK.D.Kemp  
Ses Salinas, Albuferata Mallorca630 RK.D.Kemp Nitzschia obtusa
Ses Salinas, Albuferatas Mallorca628 RK.D.Kemp  
Ses Salinas, Albuferatas Mallorca629 RK.D.Kemp Mastogloia braunii
Setubal, Portugal631 BJ.A.Long S50R.M
Setubal, Portugal694 BJ.A.Long S50R.M
Shapwick Heath, Somerset381 R  
Shapwick Heath, Someset933 RK.D.KempFragillaria, Eunotia
Shareham, Sussex175 BF.Adams 
Shark River, New Jersey U.S.A.015 B  
Sharktooth Gulley, [200]827 REx Q.M.C. 
Sharktooth Gulley, California U.S.A.088 GB.M. 89 
Sharktooth Hill, California U.S.A.666 BJ.A.Long S74[2]F.M
Shartooth Hill, California U.S.A.049 BV.Smith 
Sheen, Aberdeen Scotland598 BJ.A.Long S16F.F\W
Shell Beach, Leatis Island Conn. U.S.A.238 BTempere  
Shellness Point, Isle of Sheppey863 RJ. SandersonTropidoneis vitrea
Sheraton Beach, Mahe Seychelles692 RN.Williams 
Sherman Oaks, Califorrnia U.S.A.281 RS.ChafferSilicoflagellates
Shermans Oak, California U.S.A.040 R  
Shermans Oaks, California U.S.A.982 RR.I.Firth 
Shetland Island, U.K.051 GJ.R. Carter Diploneis domblitensis
Shiloh, N.Y. U.S.A.623 BJ.A.Long S10F.M
Shipley Glen, Yorks267 BWest  
Shipley Glen, Yorks457 BJ.A.Long S23R.F\W
Shirebrook, Reservoir837 RB.Hartley 2173Cymbella sp.
Shishibashi, Japan878 BB.Hartley 2595Coscinodiscus robustus, Actinoptychus.
Shokoe Creek, Virginia U.S.A.143 B  
Shoshone springs, California U.S.A.897 RR.I.Firth464Terpsinoe musica
Si Pan Luka, Sipan Yugoslavia762 RS.Bennet 
Sidi Bishr, Near Alexandrea Egypt853 R  
Siera Leon909 RR.I.Firth59 
Silver Lake, Ontario Canada387 R  
Simbirsk, Russia363 RR.I.Firth  
Simbirsk, Russia696 BJ.A.Long S59F.M
Simbirsk, Russia739 B  
Simbirsk, Russia795 BB.Hartley2013  
Simbirsk/Oamaru, Mix Coarse828 BEx S.Chaffer 
Simbirsk/Oamaru, Mix Fine827 BEx S.Chaffer 
Simbirsk\Oamaru, Mix975 RK.D.K\S.Chaffer 
Simboni River071 BMr Bennett 
Simboni River spring, Mrs Binetto295 BG.Wheeler  
Singapore683 RS.Chaffer 
Singeliewsky, Russia004 YS.H.Meakin 993 
Singeliewsky, Russia045 GSwatman/Brigger/S.H.MeakinCleaned by Swatman, screened by S.H. Meakin on 400
Singeliewsky, Russia131 R  
Singeliewsky, Russia132 BMeakin 
Singeliewsky, Russia796 BB.Hartley2012  
Singeliewsky, Russia806 RR.I.Firth97 
Singeliewsky, Russia915 BJ.Solliday 
Singeliewsky, Volgaland U.S.S.R914 RR.I.Firth09/Jouse 
Siskyon, California U.S.A.884 RR.I.Firth419Cyclotella, Ex Brit.Museum
Skakal, Hungary[1]735 B Sample 1
Skakal, Hungary260 BTempere  
Skinias, Greece528 RC.Zaracovitis  
Skinias, Greece747 RC.Zaracovitis 
Skinias, Greece748 RC.Zaracovitis 
Skye Diatomite, Scotland330 RS.Chaffer 
Skye, Scotland291 B Boring 8Ft
Skye, Scotland432 RJ.A.Long S6F.F\W
Skye, Scotland438 BK.D.Kemp 
Skye, Scotland ?946 BK.D.KempRhopolodia gibba, Cymbella
Skye, Unknown material Scotland951 B  
Slankop Haut Bay, South of411 BJ.A.Long S72R.M
Slapton Leigh, Devon [2]585 RK.D.Kemp 
Slapton Ley, Devon079 RB.Hartley 1347 Cleaned 11/4/94
Slapton Ley, Devon586 RK.D.Kemp  
Slapton ley, Devon Lake margin577 R  
Slapton Ley, Devon Reeds on bank576 RK.D.Kemp  
Slapton Ley, Devon Surface scum587 RK.D.Kemp  
Soller de Allugue, Chile156 R  
Solomon Island, M.D Marker# 64050 B Loc.207
Sonoma Co., California U.S.A.005 GR.I.Firth 550F.F\W
Soos, Bohemia894 BS.ChafferCampylodiscus, Anamoneis
Soos, Bohemia957 BB.Hartley12429 
Soos, Bohemia591 R Coarse
Soos, Bohemia592 R Fine
South Atlantic, 17-107-120cm Lamont\Ex Richard B. Hoover1000 BR.I.Firth224\CAS39573(9) 
South Naparima, Trinidad Cleaned K.D.Kemp814 BS.ChafferActinocyclus oval
South Umqua River, Oregon U.S.A.927 RR.I.Firth79/Hanna 
South Yarra323 B Hyalodiscus.
South Yarra435 B Coscinodiscus fragments.
South Yarra843 BEx S.ChafferCampyloneis, Hyalodiscus.
South Yarra, [1]061 B  
South Yarra, [3]142 B  
Southampton Princess, Bermuda687 RO.Rogers2nd sample
Southampton Princess, Bermuda688 RO.Rogers2nd sample
Southampton Princess, Pier Bermuda266 RK.D.KempActinocyclus subtilis
Southampton Princess, Waterlot [2]Berrmuda391 RO.RogersPartly cleaned
Southampton Waters, Plankton HaulS.B.May540 RK.D.Kemp Coscinodiscus jonesianus, Lithodesmium undulatum
Southease, Drainage channel LewesSussex981 B00/03/79, Mastogloia elliptica, Mastogloia smithii var. lacustris
Southport Marine lake, Lancs058 RK.D.Kemp 
Southport Marine lake, Lancs078 RK.D.KempFine
Speke Hall dam, Floating algae659 RF.Monson  
Speke Hall Dam, Wipe off log272 RF.D.Monson 
Spittal pond, Bermuda513 RO.Rogers  
Splitters Creek, Victoria468 BJ.A.Long S5R.Br
Sponge spicules, Dumb bells961 BB.Darnton 
Sponge spicules, Dumb bells Coaconia flamea962 BB.Darnton 
Sponge spicules, Dumb bells Coaconia flamea964 BB.DarntonDry white
Sponge spicules, Dumb bells Coaconia flamea965 BB.Darnton/NormanDry orange
Sponge spicules, Long catkins!963 BB.Darnton 
Springfield, Barbados859 B S.Chaffer 
Springfield, Barbados Coarse973 RK.D.KContains Diatoms
Springfield, Barbados Fine972 RK.D.KContains Diatoms
Springfield, Barbados104 BTempere  
Springfield, Barbados138 B  
Springfield, Barbados202 B  
Springfield, Barbados247 BH.Potter  
Springfield, Barbados324 B  
Springfield, Barbados413 BJ.A.Long S75F.M
Springfield, Barbados419 BJ.A.Long S68F.M
Springfield, Barbados601 BJ.A.Long S69F.M
Springfield, Barbados680 B  
Springfield, Barbados Quarry080 B  
Springfield, Barbados Quarry215 B  
Springfield, No 4 Barbados076 GC.S.Boyer  
Squaw River, N.Y U.S.A.609 BJ.A.Long S11R.F\W
SS Cornegia, Off Cadloa Peru256 B #437a
SS Cornegia, Peru Off Cadlao084 B #437G
St. John, Barbados922 BB.Hartley1855Radiolaria
St. John's River, Flood plain978 RR.I.FirthTropidoneis lepidoptera, Amphiprora pulchra
St. Mary's Loch, Scotland Burn above887 RB.Hartley12219Cymbella lanceolata
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda128 RK.D.Kemp  
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda183 RJ.Canne  
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda426 RJ.CanneFine
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda427 RJ.Canne Medium
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda428 RJ.CanneHeavy
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda490 RK.D.Kemp 
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda548 RJ.Canne  
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda Echo 30208 RJ.Canne  
St.James Church Reef, Bermuda Plankton123 RJ.Canne  
St.Johns Flood Plain, Florida U.S.A.036 BBarth 
St.Johns Flood Plain, Newfoundland634 BJ.A.Long J 
St.Johns, New Brunswick Canada803 RR.I.Firt2103 
St.Laurent de Vernede, France174 RB.Hartley  
St.Laurent de Vernede, France175 RB.Hartley  
St.Laurent De Vernede, France F.M.580 BJ.A.Long L46 
St.Laurent, France F.M.628 BJ.A.Long L46 
St.Laurent, Gard023 B  
St.Leger, France408 BJ.A.Long L34 R.F\W
St.Marys Loch, Scotland Burn above241 RB.Hartley 462Cymbella lanceolata
St.Mary's, Isle of Scilly Stream480 RB.Hartley 1802 
St.Mary's, Isle of Scilly Stream old tower488 RB.Hartley 1803Melosira
St.Pauls Bay, Malta579 RP.Savage  
St.Salurnui, France444 BJ.A.Long S22F.F/W
St.Servant, France629 BJ.A.Long S38R.M
Sta Fiore, Tuscany Italy235 B  
Sta.Barbara280 RS.Chaffer 
Station Bravo 27, Bermuda459 RJ.Canne Fine
Station Bravo 27, Bermuda 25 fathoms203 RJ.Canne  
Station Bravo 27, Bermuda 25 fathoms458 RJ.Canne Coarse
Stauroneis marina861 B  
Steepholm Island, Avon473 RK.D.Kemp 
Steepholm Island, Bristol Channel Avon818 RK.D.KempLicmophora
Stewart Lake, British Columbia819 RR.I.Firth21 
Stewart Lake, Powell River British Columbia908 RR.I.Firth21 
Stourhead Lake522 RK.D.Kemp 
Stourhead Lake, Bruton359 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Stourhead Lake, Bruton360 RK.D.Kemp With Oscillatoria, Cymbella inaequalis
Stourhead Lake, Bruton361 RK.D.Kemp  
Stourhead Lake, Bruton On Algae485 RK.D.Kemp  
Straudburg153 B  
Straudburg, PA205 BH.C.Wheeler  
Straudburg, Pennsylvania U.S.A.456 BJ.A.Long S39 
Straudburg, Pensylvania U.S.A.130 B  
Struis Bay, L.Alguhas south of602 B R.M
Studland Heath, The Little Sea Dorset989 BD.StevensFrustulia rhomboides, Good.
Sudbury Reef, Barrier Reef Australia691 RR.J.HeathmanLat16o57'S Long 146o10'E
Suez Canal, Suez Egypt312 BF.Adams  
Surirella spiralis524 B Surirella spiralis
Surirella striatula777 BJ.Solliday 
Swamp near, Melbourne Australia097 BE.B.Taylor 
Swan Lake, Oregon U.S.A.630 BJ.A.Long S13R.F/W
Swan Lake, Oregon U.S.A.336 BTempere  
Swan Lake, Oregon U.S.A.446 BJ.A.Long S14R.F/W
Swan Pool, Falmouth Cornwall083 RK.D.KempAmphiprora alata
Swedish Berg Mehl154 B  
Sydney Harbour, Australia823 RR.I.Firth73Pleurosigma formosum large
Symi Harbour, Greece735 RB.Hartley 2384Coarse
Symi, Greece734 RB.Hartley 2384 
Synedra affinis528 B Synedra affinis
Synedra fulgens520 BJ.A.Long S35Synedra fulgens
Synedra ulna526 B Synedra ulna
Synedra ulna565 B Synedra ulna
Szakal (Skakal), Hungary693 BJ.A.Long S60F.M
Szurdock-Puspoki, Hungary994 RR.I.Firth391Fossil Brackish
Szurdokpuspoki, Hungary105 R  
Table Bay, [2]578 B  
Table Bay, Surface dredgings150 RS.Chaffer 
Table Top Hill, Oamaru Lower N.Z.751 BK.D.Kemp 
Tahiti160 RS.Chaffer Fine
Tahiti190 B Washed from spread slide
Tahiti, Medium170 R  
Taiwan 46764 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan 51261 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan 51731 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan 53262 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan TN 46685 RT.B.B.PaddockFine
Taiwan TN 46686 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan TN48720 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan TN49726 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan TN50712 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan TN53725 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Taiwan, TN48721 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Talbot, Victoria636 BJ.A.Long T48F.F\W
Talcahumas, Chile588 BJ.A.Long T 
Talsarnau Estuary, Wales095 RK.D.Kemp  
Talsarnau Salt marsh, Wales051 RB.Hartley 1032 
Talsarnau, GwyneddWales412 RB.Hartley 1691  
Talsarnau, GwyneddWales413 RB.Hartley 1693 R.Br
Talsarnau, Saltmarsh N.Wales023 RB.Hartley 1032 
Tamalambo, W. Africa383 BJ.A.Long T 27R.M
Tamar River, Tasmania043 BTempereHydrosera
Tamatave ?552 B  
Tamatave, Madagascar077 B  
Tamatave, Madagascar611 BJ.A.Long T4R.M
Tamatave, Madagascar647 BJ.A.Long T3R.M
Tamatave, No3072 BTempere 
Tamerack, Bristol Conn. U.S.A.691 BJ.A.Long T10R.F\W
Tanganyika, Ex QMC811 RR.I.Firth174 
Tatton Park, Cheshire764 BK.D.Kemp  
Taylors Lime Works, Oamaru N.Z.746 BK.D.KempMainly sponge spicules
Tealham Moor, Somerset140 RB.Hartley 1435  
Tegelklit, Fur Jutland889 BA. MitlehnerMedium
Tegelklit, Fur Jutland890 BA. MitlehnerCoarse
Tenby, S.Wales395 BJ.A.Long T41 
Tenby, S.Wales474 BJ.A.Long T40R.M
Tenby, S.Wales625 B  
Terre, Terrebonne?987 RJ.R.BartholomewBest, Probably Terrebonne Oregon
Terrebonne, Oregon U.S.A.992 BR.I.Firth28Epithemia turgida
Terrebonne, Oregon U.S.A. 069 GB.Hartley 535 &600 
Terrebonne, Oregon U.S.A.053 B  
Terrebonne, Oregon U.S.A.864 BJ.SollidayF.F/W
Terrebonne, Oregon U.S.A.886 BB.Hartley 2702Surirella
Teviot River477 RJ.Carter  
Thames Mud, London416 BJ.A.Long T33R.Br
Thames Mud, London661 BJ.A.Long T34R.Br
Thames River, London029 RB.Hartley 364 
Thames River, Tower Bridge London080 RK.D.KempNitzschia parvula
Thames River, Tower Bridge London106 RK.D.KempHydrosera triquetra
Thames River, Tower Bridge London107 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Thames Water Authority, Project[86092304]625 R  
Thames Water Authority, Project[L97286061809]626 R  
Thames/Medway Est, Isle of Sheppey597 RB.Hartley 2148 
The Crumbles, Eastbourne Sussex969 BB.Hartley 12350Surirella striatula, Anamoneis, Campylodiscus
The Fleet (Sediment), Chessil Beach Dorset724 RB.Hartley 1906Navicula lyra
The Fleet(Sediment), Chessil Beach Dorset768 RK.D.KempAmphitetras antedeluvianum, Gyrosigma balticum, Plagiotropis.
The Fleet, Chessil Beach Dorset256 RB.HartleyAuliscus sculptus, Amphitetras
The Fleet, Chessil Beach Dorset769 RK.D.KempSediment
Theale Rhyne, Wedmore Somerset025 RK.D.KempMarine influence, Coarse
Theale, Wedmore Somerset434 RK.D.Kemp  
Thetford Reef, Barrier Reef Australia690 RR.J.Heathman Lat10o45'S Long 146o11'E
Three Mile Island, Barrier Reef Australia511 RE.Shelton  
Thursday Island727 BJ.A.Long T39 
Tichwell Marsh, N.Norfolk589 RB.Hartley 2133 Brackish pond
Tichwell Marsh, N.Norfolk619 RB.Hartley 
Tichwell Marsh, N.Norfolk Salt pan surface scum390 RB.Hartley  
Toco, Chile208 B  
Toco, Chile908 BJ.solliday 
Todd Harbour, Plymouth Conn U.S.A.690 BJ.A.Long T13R.F\W I doubt it! Amphora
Tolusca, Mexico203 B F.F\W Reclean
Tontin L, N.Brunswick692 BJ.A.Long T17 
Toome Bridge, N.Ireland Coarse824 BF.MonsonK.D.K Material
Toome Bridge, Kieselguhr N.Ireland929 RB.Hartley2849Fossil mud.
Toome Bridge, Kieselguhr N.Ireland930 RB.Hartley2849Fossil mud.
Toome Bridge, N.Ireland090 R F.F\W
Toome Bridge, N.Ireland470 RK.D.Kemp  
Toome Bridge, N.Ireland744 BK.D.Kemp 
Toome Bridge, N.Ireland Fine822 BF.MonsonK.D.K Material
Toome Bridge, N.Ireland Medium823 BF.MonsonK.D.K Material Very good
Torminton Ditch086 GS.H.Meakin 
Tormintone Ditch, Fine077 GS.H.Meakin 
Torquay, Devon538 BK.D.Kemp 
Torquay, Devon539 BK.D.Kemp 
Torrente Albuferata, Mallorca On weed612 RK.D.Kemp  
Torrente de Pareis, Mallorca610 RK.D.Kemp  
Torrente de Pareis, Mallorca Backwater602 RK.D.Kemp  
Torrente de Pareis, Mallorca Backwater611 RK.D.Kemp  
Torrente de Pareis, Mallorca Backwater on algae609 RK.D.Kemp  
Torrente San Jordi, Mallorca On algae627 RK.D.Kemp  
Totara, Oamaru N.Zealand136 BTempere  
Toulouse, France422 BJ.A.Long T24R.M
Towford, Roman Road Rox213 RJ.Carter  
Transvaal660 RProf Weiss/S.Chaffer  
Tres Marias, [1]079 B  
Tres Marias, [2]151 B  
Tres Marias, Mexico316 B Coscinodiscus fragments, poor possibly fossil.
Tresco, Scilly Isles437 RB.Hartley 1708 
Tresco, Scilly Isles On Anchor rope410 RB.Hartley 1707 
Tresco, Scilly Isles On sandy beach438 RB.Hartley 1704  
Tresco, Scilly Isles Sandy beach411 RB.Hartley 1704  
Triceratium javanicum546 B Hydrosera triquetra
Trinidad352 BJ.A.Long T15F.M
Trinidad804 RR.I.Firth55 
Trinidad, No2915 RR.I.Firth241 
Trinidad No2990 RR.I.Firth 786Diatoms & Radiolaria
Trinidad, Ex QMC810 RR.I.Firth20Ex Q.M.C
Tropidoneis lepidoptera920 B  
Troublesome Gulley, Oamaru N.Z. Fine825 BEx S.ChafferCleaned K.D.K
Troublesome Gulley, Oamaru N.Z. Medium826 BEx S.ChafferCleaned K.D.K
Troublesome Gully, Oamaru N.Z.662 B F.M Coscinodiscus, Stictodiscus.
Troublesome Gully, Oamaru N.Zealand971 R <200>30u
Trouville, France379 BJ.A.Long T45R.M
Troy, New Hampshire U.S.A.031 BJ.R 
Troy, New Hampshire U.S.A.737 B  
Tuf De Styrie134 BTempere  
Tuggerah Lake, N.S.W. Australia970 BR.I.Firth13 
Turks&Caicos, 2W4CL668 R  
U.S.A. material331 RH.Barber 
U.S.Naval Base, Annexe Bermuda461 RK.D.KempCoarse
U.S.Naval Base, Annexe Bermuda 462 RK.D.KempFine
Ubley, Blagdon Somerset581 RK.D.Kemp  
Ukraine, Russia055 BBart 
Ukraine, Russia162 B  
Ullal de Pego, Valencia Coastal lagoon448 R  
Uphill Beach, Avon On Sand072 RK.D.Kemp Navicula
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon081 RK.D.KempPleurosigma angulatum strew
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon194 RK.D.Kemp  
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon433 RK.D.Kemp  
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon502 RK.D.KempPleurosigma angulatum
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon671 RK.D.KempFine
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon672 RK.D.KempPleurosigma angulatum coarse
Uphill Boat Yard, Avon On mud flats395 RK.D.KempS.gemma
Uphill Boat Yard, Lake outlet329 RK.D.Kemp 
Upper Papakaio, N.Z.755 BK.D.KempFine
Upper Papakaio, N.Z.439 BCleaned K.D.KempF.M
Upper Papakaio, N.Z.784 BCleaned K.D.Kemp  
Upper Papakaio, Oamaru N.Z.955 RK.D.K\N.C.F177 
Upper Papakaio, Oamaru N.Zealand959 BK.D.K/N.Charles F177 
Upper Papakaio, Oamary N.Z.956 RK.D.K\N.C.F177 
Upper Pappakaio, Oamaru N.Z.754 BK.D.KempCoarse
Utah Del Dessa248 BBrigger  
Utah Del Dessa428 BJ.A.Long U2 
Valdemosa, Mallorca Monastry655 RK.D.Kemp  
Van Nildert College, Lake737 RA.Peabody 
Vancouver, BC599 BJ.A.Long V14 
Var Mouth, France683 BJ.A.Long VR.M
Vema 17-707, S.Atlantic Core 51o085'S 54o22'W034 GB.Hartley 
Vema, Atlantic core 17-107 51 08 S-34 22 w1525 Meters 030 GBH 2038  
Vera Cruz, Mexico095 BWallichClimacosphenia, Biddulphia pulchella
Vera Cruz, Mexico Recent marine462 BJ.A.Long V6Climacosphenia moniligera, reclean.
Vera Cruz, Mexico Recent marine469 BJ.A.Long V7Climacosphenia moniligera, Grammatophora.
Vera Cruz, Oldest material056 B  
Vera Cruz, Oldest material[2]147 B  
Vera Cruz, Washed from spread slide177 B  
Victoria Arm, British Columbia034 BLatham 
Victoria Harbour, Mahe Seychelles694 RN.Williams 
Victoria Pt, Burma393 B  
Viena, Italy188 BH.C.Wheeler  
Villefranche112 BChenev 
Villefranche600 BJ.A.Long V12R.M
Voxterby, Shetland Scotland604 RJ.Carter 
Waddington Fells, Yorks605 RB.Hartley 1922Fragillaria virescens
Wadner Beach, Gambia on stranded algae618 RL.Kirby 
Waikiki Beach 11, Hawaii Marine Aquarium711 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Waikiki Beach 13, Hawaii Marine Aquarium713 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Waikiki Beach 14, Hawaii Marine Aquarium714 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Waikiki Beach 16, Hawaii716 RT.B.B.Paddock 
Waikiki Beach, Hawaii254 RD.Snook 
Waikiki Beach, Hawaii255 RD.Snook 
Waikokai, N.Z.322 RS.Chaffer 
Walberswick, Salt marsh634 RB.Hartley 2227 
Walfish Bay, S.Africa900 RR.I.Firth288Actinocyclus
Walfish Bay, South Africa015 GR.I.Firth 288Recent marine
Walloper Well076 RB.Hartley1371 
Walvis Bay020 B  
Walvis Bay112 R  
Walvis Bay135 R  
Walvis Bay, Sea bed mud South Africa013 GR.I.Firth 65 
Walvis Bay, Green mud from bottom154 R  
Walvis Bay, S.Africa001 YB.Hartley 12292Worked.
Walvis Bay, Washed South Africa014 GR.I.Firth 292Biddulphia, Arachnoidiscus, Climacosphenia moniligera, Xmas tree
Wandelaaw, N.S.633 BJ.A.Long W7P.L
Wanliable Creek, N.S.W328 R  
Warbossa, Florida U.S.A.586 BJ.A.Long F32Eupodiscus radiatus, Pleurosigma
Warnemunde, Germany159 B  
Warri River, Nigeria167 B  
Warri River, Nigeria242 BMills 
Warri River, Nigeria271 B  
Warri River, Nigeria459 BJ.A.Long W21R.M
Warri River, Nigeria610 B R.M
Warri River, Nigeria883 BK.D.KempCleaned by K.D.K 29/11/88
Warri River, Nigeria[1]596 B R.M
Warwick, Rhode Island559 B  
Washington State of, U.S.A. East Area297 BJ.A.Long W11 
Washington Terr, East Area U.S.A.663 B  
Washington, The Red tide U.S.A.211 R Aulacodiscus kittonii
Waterford, Main U.S.A.031 RB.Hartley 1053On duck pond
Waterlot, Southampton Princess outlet Bermuda139 RK.D.Kemp  
Waterlot, Southampton Princess Bermuda212 RK.D.Kemp Coarse, Navicula lyra
Wedmore Rhyne, Somerset Peaty163 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Wedmore Rhyne, Somerset Peaty164 RK.D.Kemp  
Wedmore, Somerset404 RK.D.Kemp 
Weequachick Lake, N.Y U.S.A.624 BJ.A.Long W4R.F\W
Well hill, Settle Yorks.022 RB.Hartley 1138< 400
Wellington, N.Z.593 BJ.A.Long W19R.F\W
Wellington, N.Z. In stomach of Flounder316 RS.Chaffer 
Wells, Somerset Footpath drain380 RK.D.Kemp  
Wells, Somerset Wishing well568 RB.Hartley 1242  
West Africa797 BB.Hartley2020 R.M
West Africa, Dried weed125 R  
West Bay, Dorset Harbour Pier115 RB.Hartley 952Navicula mutica good
West Beach, Lat 20oN Long120E841 RR.I.Firth44 
West Harbour, Conn. U.S.A.471 BJ.A.Long W10R.M
West Indian sponges155 R  
West Pacific, Lat20oN Long120oE969 RR.I.Firth144 Wards 
West Spitzbergen220 R  
Westdean, East Sussex993 BR.I.Firth42Drainage channel at junction Exceat/litlington & Westdean roads
Westmorland, Virginia U.S.A. (BM)979 RR.I.Firth 
Weston super Mare, Avon Bay plankton230 RK.D.Kemp  
Weston super Mare, Avon Boat Lake008 RK.D.KempGyrosigma balticum
Weston super Mare, Avon Boat Lake009 RK.D.KempFine
Weston super Mare, Avon On harbour wall409 RK.D.Kemp 
Weston super Mare, Avon on sand073 RK.D.KempGyrosigma wansbeckii
Weston super Mare, Avon on sand178 RK.D.Kemp Nitzschia epithemioides
Weston-s-Mare830 RK.D.KempMelosira
Whirinaki Valley, 18 Miles South of Roturua N.Z.065 B  
Whirinaki Valley, 18 Miles South of Roturua N.Z.296 B  
Whitsable dredgings195 B  
Whittington Mill, Gloucestershire864 RN.CharlesGood Cymbella lanceolata
Willowbank bridge, Bermuda Plankton182 RJ.Canne  
Willowbank 'E', Bermuda126 RJ.Canne  
Wilmurt, N.Y U.S.A.131 BLatham 
Wilmurt, N.Y U.S.A.591 BJ.A.Long W6F.F\W
Windermere Lake, Westmorland529 BK.D.Kemp  
Windermere, Phytoplankton917 B  
Winscomb Hill, Nr. Banwell Somerset083 GK.D.Kemp 
Wisley, (R.H.S.)A.G.Greenfield878 RR.I.Firth663 
Worcester, Mass U.S.A.144 BJ.A.Long W8F.F\W
Worcester, Mass U.S.A.583 B  
Worcester, Mass. U.S.A.558 B  
Wreck Road pond, Bermuda138 RK.D.Kemp  
Wyke Regis, Chessil Beach Dorset505 RK.D.Kemp Fine
Wyke Regis, Chessil Beach Dorset506 RK.D.Kemp Coarse
Xenia Hotel beach, rock scrapings Corfu027 GR.I.F.Sample 1
Yagiana Bay, Oregon U.S.A.129 BTempere 
Yang-Tse, Kiang045 B  
Yarra339 BJ.A.Long Y13R.Br
Yarra644 BJ.A.Long Y12R.Br
Yarra River, Australia Ex QMC845 RR.I.FirthActinocyclus ralfsii
Yarra River, Victoria594 BJ.A.Long YR.Br
Yarra Yarra, [300]375 R Actinocyclus ralfsii
Yeovil stream, Yeovil Somerset012 RK.D.Kemp 
Yesso, N. Japan380 BJ.A.Long Y11R.M
Yesso, N. Japan455 BJ.A.Long Y10R.M
Yesso, N. Japan664 BJ.A.Long Y9R.M
Yesso, N. Japan740 BJ.A.Long Y8 
Yesso, Netanai Japan793 BB.Hartley2017  
Ynys Lake, N.Wales950 RR.I.Firth 55 B.Hartley 248NGR:SH601354
Ynys Lake, N.Wales967 RR.I.Firth78 
Yokohama, Japan075 B  
Yokohama, Japan280 B  
Zuljana, Pel Jesac Peninsula Yugoslavia751 R  
Zway Lake, Abyssinia473 BJ.A.Long Z1F.F\W