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Specialist in diatom microslides and diatom arrangements

Microlife Services - Exhibition Mounts

Exhibition Mounts

Circles and Patterns
Star Pattern25 Forms
Star Pattern50 Forms
Circle5 Forms. Four diatoms surrounding a central diatom
Circle25 Forms

Circle50 Forms
Example 1

Example 2

Example 3
Rosette50 Forms
Comparison Slides
Centric and PennateComparison of major group of diatoms

Pictures in Diatoms
BicycleArachnoidiscus and Nitzschia

American EagleSurirella and Gyrosigma
American FlagTriceratium pentacrinus and Gyrosigma balticum
Choir BoysArachnoidiscus girdle bands, Rhabdonema, Synedra and Eunotia
FacesArachnoidiscus, Eunotia and Cocconeis
ButterflyGyrosigma. Staphanodiscus, Girdle bands
Penny FarthingArachnoidiscus, Synedra and Eunotia

MicroscopePinnularia, Rhopolodia and Sponge spicule
Eiffel TowerSynedra and others

If you would like a particular picture or device depicted then send an email describing your requirements.
These slides form a unique way of marking that special occasion, anniversary or promotional excercise.
Many things can be done.

Novelty mounts by special order - example

Or look at some more images below:

Choir under different lighting conditions

Detail of above

Rosette under different lighting conditions (Detail)

Details from above

Butterfly scale - Hand of flowers

...and detail from above

Butterfly scale - Vase of flowers

Another rosette of diatoms

A 281 Form pattern - now this is a WICKED feat of micro-manipulation!