Klaus D. Kemp - Microlife Services
Specialist in diatom microslides and diatom arrangements

Microlife Services - Butterfly Scales

Mounted on a black background and requiring top lighting.

Bunch of Flowers with foliage50 Scales
Mandala (Oriental geometric design)50 Scales
Bunch of Flowers with foliage100 Scales and Diatoms
Hand of flowers50 Scales
Song bird on a branch100 scales

If you would like a particular picture or device depicted then send an email describing your requirements.
These slides form a unique way of marking that special occasion or anniversary, or as a promotional gift that will make sure your company is remembered.
Many things can be done. Novelty mounts by special order - example below.
If you have a particular requirement, as a professional, an amateur or just someone who would like a unique item to commemorate a special occasion, anniversary or a company wishing to provide a unique promotional gift then send an email now.

The list of diatom material grows steadily. This includes current samplings and minings as well as gatherings made in the last century.
Some rare examples are available for reference collections.

A Basket of Flowers specially commisioned - Butterfly Scales